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Breastfeeding is not a choice, it is a responsibility.It is a gift that lasts lifetime.It is totally enviornmentally friendly.It is a mother's gift to herself, her baby n the earth.It is not just about milk,it is also about love.It is the best diet that mothers should have.

M mom of 15 n half months old son Vyaan.I had gone through c section.I was unable to feed my son for first three days because there was so much pain in my whole body that i was unable to move an inch.I was on hospital ,My mom, Mil n nurses helped me get a side.The body was just like a stone n even i was unable to hold my baby in my arms.My mom n Mil both feed son with spoon n katori .Day n night i was only lying on bed.On fourth day i was a little bit ok n sit.Then nurses helped me to press out the milk n it comes out.They hold baby in my arms n helped me to feed the baby.But the baby was unable to suck.He was just crying n crying.Nurses said that the nipples are very small thats why difficult for baby to suck milk.I was so much disappointed that i began to cry.They also used nipple shield to feed baby.But no positive result.I was so much worried that how will i feed my baby.The baby was sucking milk as a result of it i have to change my tshirts 2to3 times a day.Sometimes i have to use pump to get out the pain because it becomes too heavy n there was so much pain.Due to this one dy i got severe fever n the breasts becomes too heavy n painful.Inspite of all this,having faith in god o kept on trying to feed my son.After sruggle of one month,By the grace of god i was successfulin my mission.I felt very happy to see that my baby is sucking milk n tear came into my eyes.From that day n still now breastfeeding is going on.One more thing i want to share is from first day till now my son never takes feeder.

Thanku so much Baby Chakra n beautiful moms to help me during this journey of motherhood.So moms keep calm n carry on breastfeeding.

Very nice did it so well..

Thanku so muchAditi Ahuja

Great..; sure I will..

Very nice dear. You achieved success in breast feeding.

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