I am determined!

My lo is gking to be 2 months this 5th of August and my breastfeed struggles are still on.

It was ramadan and my mom and mil both couldn't be besides me for the whole time at hospital and so my sis and husband were staying back and what i suffered at the hands of ignorant staffs and my carelessly umprepared and unaware self that i till date curse mysrlf for not having educated myself of breastfeeding during pmy pregnancy days.

I had delivered naturally but the pain of stitches and the entire previous night's struggle in pain had made my body weak and i had gone into some kind of painful state that i begged not to be disturbed or even talked to. I even ignored my lil angel that had blessed my life.(i am guilty to the core) and the bospital staff in turn did not make any effort to put the baby on me or get me feeding.

When i came in my senses they asked me to try however there was no trace of heaviness in my breast nor any drop of milk from my breast. The day went by and the nest day the shift maushi tried to help me but left midway and i was left on my own to struggle. With no energy and disaapointment of not seeing any milk and the nurses declaring it to the dox tht i dont have milk i was heartbroken and just kept being sad.

Came home on the 4th day and the same story went on until many days. So many ayurvedic supplements, medicines, pumps, etc didn't help me any bit. But i kept going. I tried latching my baby and when finsly i came back to my mother's home on 19th i had my friend Renuka Pillai and her mom visit us and that day onwards they started helping and me along with these guys and my mother and sisters started having everything natural that promised milk supply. Meanwhile renuka offered to feed my baby her milk.

Here slowly i started getting milk in drops and until today i am struggling. Jeera, masoor dal, daliya and whatever that promises milk is on my list. My jigar ka tukda is struggling with me too and has struggled for the most basic need of hers to have her tummy fed with her mom's milk. I am at times sad,overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, confused yet motivated on shifting to exclusive breastfeeding one day before she turns 6months! Her top feeds have now reduced not very liberally but yes i give her topfees only when i am completely exhausted of her lacthing on me. My family has been of great support.

And there are friends and family who has been with me in my struggle and one them is Rebecca Prakash . This mother who is my 'go to human' has been there to answer all my queries,to motivate me, to accompany me to her doctor to find a solution to my problem, to keeping an update on how my consultation with the lactation consultant is going on to just drop in home for a mom to mom feel-good time.

I am glad, happy and content that i am doing my best to feed my baby.

I thank all the moms who have shared their breatfeeding stories. Believe me i have read all and bookmarked all and lesrnt from them all.

Thanks #babychakra for keeping up and getting moms to involve so much in sharing and becoming a community of so much help and motivation.

A big thanks to Naiyya Saggi and the team to always keeping the right track going in on the app.

Thanks to all the moms Rebecca Prakash Vidya Rathod Parul Johari veda Khushboo Chouhan Swati Upadhyay and all others who tag me to breastfeeding and other imp feeds which i may otherwise have missed. #bestforbaby #bestisbreast #breastfeedingstory

😍😍😍 Sending you lots of positive vibes, I know the natural delivery pain is unbearable and you went through it and delivered. Then breastfeeding is a cake walk for you, do not worry. You will get through it soon!

Satarupa B Kaur KritiVika Priti Singh Priya Sood asha chaudhry Vidya Rathod Nilofer needs your motivation, help her.

Hey Nilo God bless u n baby...more power to u😚😚

Oh Becca says, this too shall pass and pass this will with flying colours. Try and try -- that is what i believe in. being a mom needs struggle and every struggle story will have a happy ending.

Way to go super duper mom!!!! We are so proud of you

I can feel every word of urs nilo...oh! mother I am always with u... U are amazing.. U have inspired me as well.

Hugs and love to you dear..but I know you will do it Nilofer style..

Nilo I know how eager u r to see your baby when you are carrying. Now your baby is in your arm. I know how much u struggled to breast feed. As everyone said this is one phase and it shall pass. U r doing amazing job dear and we r very proud of you. From nothing to u reached something and in cmng days you will definitely succeed. Much love to Batul. Happy 2nd month birthday to her. Take care. U r no less than any super mom.

Awww hugs to u my Nilo 😘
You are a strong woman I must say.. keep it up dear 🤗

Hang in there nilo. U are stronger than strong.

Hi Nilofer.... Many of us still going through the same phase here so don't feel bad and the every words of yours are true as we also feel the same way. Now u have reached 2 months and determined with all ur wonderful support please be there and it will be resolved.

Hey dear u r doing ur best and inshallah u will succeed..loads of hugs to u..!!

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