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I started this beautiful journey of Motherhood 8.5 months back. By God's grace everything went on smoothly. My due dt was 21st Nov and we were blessed with a Baby Boy on 22nd Nov 2017. We named him Dhairya, on the same day itself.

During pregnancy, not even once did we( both my husband & i) think about the breast milk supply. We thought everybody is blessed with good supply and in anitcipation I bought breast pads. Haha. There were 3 other ladies who had delivered before me and they had a good supply. But who knew that it would be different for me. Hadnt joined any community and didnt read much about breast milk.

Like most new moms I didn't produce much milk on the 1st few days.

On the 3rd day i was suppsoed to get a discharge( it was a normal delivery and i was induced with false labour pain). When the Dr came he noticed that something wasnt right,took some blood samples. Oh God, it was such a harrowing exp.. Those tiny hands, almost non-visible veins and the Dr trying to take out blood. My husband was teary eyed too(he's a fauji but when you see your 3 day old baby like that, it pains a lot). So Baby Dhairya was detected with Jaundice amd he had lost quite a good amt of weight too. That's when formula milk was introduced. Though the Drs still insisted on breastmilk.Fauji Doctors dont allow formula at all. But that time i was worried because i still wasnt producing enough and his was reducing. So the 2nd time he was tesred again, he still had jaundice. After 2 days and 3rd time drawing of blood, we were discharged. On the 2nd night after we got discharge, my husband went at 1 in the night to get formula for him. He was crying uncontrollably and i was totally empty.That's when we gave in. But after he had his share, he slept peacrfully. That's how my formula feeding journey too started. Initailly it was just once a day and very less qty though.. Later i bought a breast pump. So the first 6 months were not easy. There were days when i managed to not give formula and on rare ocassions i used to leak too(the happiest). After 6 months started soilds for him. So now he is mostly on solids, formula and little bit of breast milk.

I've had my share of guilt and i still do. I feel guilty of may be not trying enough, even though i did. Both the moms made sure that i have proper food, drink adequate milk and everything req to boost up the supply. It did, but not too much.

I know how much breast milk is imp for a baby and it does wonders. But there are some moms who dont produce enough no matter what they do. And there is no mom who doesnt want to do that for her own baby. Its nobodys fault. And formula fed babies turn out just as good/ healthy as breast fed babies. They achieve their milestones also on time. At the end of the day your baby's happy face and full tummy matters.

Not promoting formula feed at all. Do what you feel is the best. But there is no point letting the baby cry. If you have to please do give.

That's my Mixed feeding story so far. Baby Dhairya is latched on to me while i write this and yes,its a beautiful feeling. But being a Mother in itself is the best feeling and nobody can take it away from you.

Happy Feeding and alwyas keep that smile on your face. Looks Good. Much love to all the beautiful mommas.

Thanks for sharing your story dear! I am myself giving mixed feed to my son who is 4 months now. Initially, I was very determined on giving BM but when after 1 month he instead of gaining , lost weight. I had to supplement him. There is nothing wrong in supplementing if u can’t give BM. Kids who had BM and later on develop poor eating habits can also loose immunity. So giving FM + BM and later inculcating healthy food habits is what my aim is now.

Hey !! Your son is 9 months and he is still on mixed feed? How do u manage between formula n breast milk? Are u using pump or feeding him directly?

beautifully written pallavi!! hatts off!

Well written pallavi

Reeti , I give him fm and solids mainly.. BM in between when there is some gap or when he is too crankyand at night..

@pallavi but what about your BM supply? As far as I know, supply goes down if demand is less. What did u do to keep the supply maintained

@pallavi.. am sailing on the same boat.. by seeing ur post.. m having the same words on my mind.. Initially I used to cry slot that am unable to give my milk to my baby and went on mom,dad and hubby gave me d support..

Yamini Praveen S , it's very natural to feel the guilt.. but the baby comes first.. and if one is not able to give her own feed, then it's not the mother's fault.. I was lactose intolerant , my mom used to give me some special powder.. I turned out just fine.. so follow your instinct.. do what makes you and the baby happy

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