I had c-section delivery.. When my son was born unfortunately I had no knowledge about the breastfeeding and the first feeding session after birth..but after 6 months when I knew this after reading so much articles I suggest other new moms in the family that you shud stop hospital staff to feed new born formula milk. And no doctor didn't put my son on my chest after birth.🙄I cried every time she filled the spoon and feed him😭

We all try and make the best decisions as mothers, whether our minds made those decisions or our bodies decided for us. There are so many variables. So many reason to take different directions. And so many reasons to celebrate each other no matter how different our directions may be. Breastfeeding, formula feeding, exclusively pumping, supplementing, a mixture... whatever you're doing and trying I want you to know that you're doing great, mama!

thats really great dear!!!


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