Friendship is the only relationship that we have the choice to choose in our lives. We are born with blood and family relationships but after being grown ups our life mostly revolves around the friends we have choosen in life. Friends in school, college and then finally one special friend for life. Life gives us varioud types of friends like some to hang out with, someone to shop with, some one to study with, some one to gossip with,some one to discuss problems with etc etc. Most of the time friends relate to each other on the basis of personal experiences of love, heart break, failure, success, and many other emotions even if both of them have not been in similar situations. Yet motherhood is the only such emotions which has to be undergone bit by bit to understand its nuances. Only a mother can understand the woes of another mother. Even mothers in different stages of motherhood have different stories. A pregnant mother feels differently than a lactating mother or a toddler mom or a scholl going kid's mom. It is emotionally and physically too overwhelming a journey. Earlier in days of joint family there were lot of experienced people surrounding a pregnant mother to help her out in every situation. But in today's era of nuclear family and digital age, to have someone to guide you through this phase at every little hitch and bump at just the finger tips is much more valuable than friendship. Even though not physically, but still giving mental and emotional support at the time of need is the biggest contribution of a friend in life. So, its a big hug, thank you and lots of love and power to team BABYCHAKRA on this friendship day. Team BBC and all the mom stars and mom buddies on this app are friends in need so friends indeed. I wish a very happy friendship day to all my friends on BBC and I promise to be there for all of you at the time of need.

Priya Sood Naiyya Saggi Khushboo Chouhan asha chaudhry Mrs Chhoker Madhavi Cholera Bhavna Anadkat Vidya Rathod Revauthi Rajamani Richa Chowdhary Kavita Sahany Priya Dubey Priti Raghuvanshi Varsha raoParampreet Kaur Satarupa B Kaur Kritz Varsha rao Taheseen Asif Aditi Ahuja Nitika Chopra Rashmi Choudhury asha chaudhry Harshmita Walia Swati Upadhyay Dr. Payal M DrShilpa Singhal Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Mamta Goel Rebecca Prakash Aasiya Mirza

Happy friendship day dear😊

Ekta Daniel happy friendship day

A very happy friendships day to you dear..stay blessed!!

this is beautiful... happy frienship day dear

this so amazing!! happy friendship day to you too :)

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