This is typical Indian mentality..want their daughter to walk on a bed of roses after marriage and never shy away from putting thorns under their DILs feet..

Not everyone but many do this..and it's really sad!!

It should be similar treatment for all!!

They forget she is also someone's beloved daughter!!..

Right dear👍

Yes! This is so selfish of people.

Xactly true.When comforts are provided by their damaads to their daughters then very happy n when same comforts are provided to their DiL then said joru ka ghulam😧😧

Double face people

I m also facing the same situation.

Acoording to them we r machines which do all the household chores, do job to earn , give birth to the child, keep everyone happy.
We are just machines, we don't need rest.

I agree with everyone..rules.. is different for daughter's and DILs

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