Moms juggle, but how do working moms juggle work and breastfeeding? Share how you balanced it all - your emotions and tips on how you handled it.

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As a working mom i have started formula milk and also i bought breast pump. Now i m pumping breastmilk and feeding her in a bottle. At night she is completely dependent on breastfeed.

Few Tips for working woman
1. Find a pump you like and feel comfortable using.
2.To maintain and build up your milk supply, try to feed the baby at the breast as many times as possible during work days and for all feedings on non-working days if possible.
3. ;Making milk takes energy, so take care of yourself.
4. Prep and pack everything you’ll need for pumping at work the night before.
5. Many mothers have a larger milk supply early in the day so try to pump in the morning.
6. Schedule your pumping sessions for the times you would normally feed your baby.;

As I have resumed my job in March.. 15 days prior to my joining, I started giving formula milk to my baby..I brought my Mil n mother in front line for this so that my baby will get more familiar to them and won't cry or panic when I am away..
I kept a rough schedule for his feeding and with the help of pediat I started giving him rice water etc. I always kept pediat in contact so she would suggest me on how my baby responds to each newly introduced food.
As he completed 6 months I slowly started with semi solids.. Initially he used to refuse.. But then as he liked the taste and the variety added to his plate he enjoyed the same..
Meanwhile I kept breastfeeding him whenever possible.. At night he is still fully dependent on breastfeeding.. The transition from fully breastfed to solid food and now he likes cow milk too.. It took place very smoothly.. I am so grateful to my family and pediat for their support and help..
Now my baby and me, we both are so connected that he waves me bye n flying kiss when I leave for the office.. Waits for my call in the noon though he has just learned to say aai n baba.. He speaks in on call in his language.. Which makes me feel near to him.. N in the eve.. As I enter the house he crawls as fast as he can to reach me and gives me a welcome kiss..

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