Breast is Best- 2018: Live Chat


This is our fourth live chat for this breastfeeding week with our expert Dr. Rita Shah. She will be taking all your questions related to Breastfeeding, pumping milk, storing milk and resuing it.

If you have any questions in mind about this, please ask in the session!

Name: Dr. Rita Shah

Date: 7th Aug, Tuesday

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Topic: All About Breastfeeding, Expressing Milk and Reusing it

Designation: Lactation consultant

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In my first pregnancy there was a low supply of milk.. and I lost my son within one month due to infection.. And now after a week is my second delivery that is c there so worried about milk supply .. please guide me..please

I have flat or u can say inverted nipples im using nipple shield... does using d same in long run can cause any infection to my kid?

Ekta, please do not worry, you will produce adequate milk supply for the baby, if you latch the baby correctly and feed frequently. Be very positive.. wishing you all the best.

Nisha do not use the nipple shield for a very long will then not learn to feed directly at the breast. In any case, the nipples will start protruding with baby's sucking. Nipple shield will not cause infection.

Takshveer Rishu Gupta Anita Desai Husna Sadiya Durganjani Vydyabhushana khamrun Khushi Parween Monika Gupta priyasundar Aman Kaur Shraddha Dave Dhara Nandode
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Ashwini Kulkarni - Shelke Patel Bhoomi Eliza Swapna Vasagouni Mrs. Shalini Abhilash deepa lakshmi Rashmi Agarwal avneet baidwan laxmi shende Manisha Sharma sita rani Neel Beena L Samuel Kavita Garg vrunda Tushar Parmar Mrudula Raghavarapu Treesa Shiju Smitha Prabhav Anuradha kale Bhagyashri Choudhary megha vij Pratiksha Jambhekar Gokhale Vrushali Mondkar Jianshi Naina Athiya Sonal Khandelwal Nidhi Bhide golu mishra prasanna Zohra Jabeen Aarti Shinde compal jain subharani Priyanka Jaiswal Shruti Negi Beena Shukla Bhavani.R.Mukunda SandhyaSandeep Laxmi theegala Neha saraswat renu bhatia anjana Priyanka Musale Angel Shonaya Neha Khanna Dogra neeru pathak Keerthika C Sheetal Gaurang Madhu Rekha Deshmukh

Hello doc.. thank u fr d session... Hw long bm is kept after pumping n how to store it..

Hello doctor..i m a working mother going to join my duty next month. I have started using breastpump. My question is long breastmilk is kept under room temperature and in the refrigerator.?

How to treat milk bleb ?

My baby 4month nw ..Bt my breast milk not sufficient for my baby what shall I do..can u guide me please

For how many hours we can keep breast milk on room temperature after expressing from pump ?

Hello doc, My baby is two months old, breast milk is not sufficient for him so have to fed him formula milk.
How can I reduce formula and increase breast milk.
Also I m using nippleshield from very starting.

Hello doctor ..My baby is 3months old her birth weight was3.250 kg nd now her weight is 6kg is it fine ??

Hi doctor.My baby is 2 and half month old.. I feed her frequently.. when she is awake in the evening, I need to feed her for more than an hour...this happens twice or thrice in a day.. otherwise she would only take for 5-10 mins Max and this normal??
And also how to know in ahead the fast let down?? I can't make out but baby cries, chokes or coughs or spills..

Hello baby is 5 and half month old.....I have resumed my off ice 10 days prior ....I m away from her 7 hours....I express milk and go.....but now facing problem of low milk supply... earlier breast used to become hard full of milk after job....but nowadays it's less

Hello doc, my baby is 4 months old her birth weight was 2.5 kg and now it's 4.8 kg. Is it fine? Also from past few days she has started to breast feed less, earlier she used to feed from one breast for 15 to 20 minutes in one session. Now she feed only for 7 to 8 minutes and do not feed for next 2 to 3 hours. She is very active , so is it normal that the feeding time has reduced, does she get enough in that time.? Also after 7 minutes feeding and then after 2 hrs should I give her same breast or other? Worried she is only getting foremilk. Please advise

Hi ma'am, i have a nabay of 9days old, she is having milk near me, but she ia always sleeping and passes urine 3 to 4times a day

Hi bm is very less .I give him formula milk.even after pumping I get only 10 ml milk from both breasts .I drink dal water n took medicine n milk powder n all .problem was 1 month my baby did not took my bm at all.he was not latching at he has started latching little.pls suggest what to do increase breast milk.he is now 45 days old.

May baby is 7month i gave breast feeding in 6 month with out mixing milk and then she refused milk after

My baby is not drinking any milk..she takes only to 10 to 20ml.. she cries a lot from last two days.. by force if i feed, she vomits it.. what to do?? Am fed off from last two days..she is 4 n half month old..

My baby is 4 n half months old.. from last one month she doesn't breastfeed.. I express but not I have buyed pump.. but there is no milk supply..only it my breast not producing milk due to stop of baby suction?? What to do to regain it?? How to milk produce once again??

Hello doctor, my baby is 3 months old. I am giving her breast feed the whole day but I think its not sufficient for her may be this is due to my low milk supply. Due to this she gets fussy and rejects my nipple. Should I give her formula milk once a day or twice. Please help

Amardeep breast milk can be stored at room temperature for 4 hours, in the refrigerator for 24 hours. in the deep freeze upto 1 month. You can store it in small stainless steel containers or in milk storage bags.

Param Preet you can refer to Amardeep's answer.

Roshni, you need to increase your milk supply by frequently feeding, having lots of fluids and good nourishing foods to promote more milk

My baby is 5 months old... She is now 5.7kgs... She is looking very thin... I am unable to understand why she is not gaining her weight... And i dnt understand whether she is getting enough milk or not? How should we identify that baby is getting enough milk?.. she is very active... Still she can't hold her neck steadily.. is it normal? Anything I have to do to increase my breast milk??

Priyanka I have just answered this question.

Rima use the nipple shield as little as possible now.

Thank u doc ...

Rima and others milk supply can be increased with consuming lots of fluids, have methi and jeera in your foods, jowar, bajra, nachni rotis.

Hi maam my baby is 6.5 months n is nt gaining much weight he is 6kg nw wat should I eat as I am feeding him n wat should I make him eat so he gains weight.

Hello mam my baby is 49 days old.. from starting my milk was less then expected my baby suffered from jaundice in starting milk was less so had to gve him formula milk then wen we came back from hospital my milk wasn't sufficient for him so i started formula milk and then he dint took breastfeeding often as he used to cry alot as he struggled take nipple in his mouth.. now breastfeed is 1 or 2 times in a day and more is top feed.. starting mei i was v depressed i cried alot bt now u accepted the fact... I want to know the reason y he does so ? Y he struggles to take nipple in mouth? Due to dis struggle he cries may b less milk is also reason what should i do for that pls help....

Sunitha your baby's weight gain is fine.

How to increase brestmilk Mam.i have little supply

Mamatha, cluster feedings are common to happen in babies..just keep your cool and feed as the baby demands. maximum 20 minutes on each breast.

Hello Dr.. My baby is now 8months..birth weight was 3.3kg n now 8.4 kg.. till 6months he' was completely on brest milk n no FM.. After 6months he started having semi solid too n on bm too.. No FM till now .. But from last few days, he's not taking much bm.. I mean in morning time wen he wakes up he just want to play n no feeding no solid he wants ... After 3 in afternun he takes solid food n bm at the time of sleeping during afternun Time.. N in evening he takes bm .. My question is my baby has lowered the frequency of taking bf drastically... I checked my supply is still good infact trying to express it n feeding him with spoon n katori .. But m worried why he is not taking bf like earlier.. I can understand if he do the same with solid.. But can't understand why for brestmilk...
Pls advice Pls..

milk is less because baby's sucking has reduced... you can now introduce solids to your baby under the guidance of your Paediatrician.

hi Rita, your baby's weight gain is fine. baby has now learnt to feed properly, hence shorter feeds. you have to alternate the breasts , if baby taking milk one side at every feed.

A 9day old will sleep more. Within next 2 to 3 days, she has to pass urine atlas 6 times otherwise go and see your paed.

Rachana , still all is not lost.. incorporate foods I have recommended earlier and make sure the latch is correct. Every time first offer milk and then formula if needed

leylo I don't understand your question

may be she is unwell and has lost her appetite.. take her to the doctor.

At what age we have to feed the milk to the baby

Geetanjali, learn with some consultant to latch the baby well at the breast, eat milk producing foods and have fluids, express little milk on the breast and then take her.

20 minutes on each side and then stop.give time to your breasts to get filled up. build up your milk supply and be relaxed, Akansha.

Hello doc how to increase bm

My baby didn't suck directly so I have to express milk by pump nd feed him but milk supply is low day by day

Hello Dr My baby is 3 months Oct in need to go to work I want to store Bm for noon. wanted to know whether milk supply will reduce as I will not be feeding from you 10 am to 5 pm?
After feeding how long it will take to produce milk (bread full)
I would like to feed till 1 1/2 year do let me what to do so that Bm will not reduce

Anitha you need to talk to your Paediatrician about your baby's neck holding and weight gain.. may be solids can be introduced earlier to make her gain more weight.

#breastfeeding hello dr, since 15days my breast milk is very it because i m cosuming so much of water...even my daughter s 2 1/2months old..she pees a lot more than 12times..i m concerned about it..kindly advice..

Seema, introduce solids like sweet potato, dal rice chichi, veg soup for the baby to gain weight.

My baby is 6month .i have low supply of Brest milk so I give formula feed. My baby is birth in can I increase the Brest milk. Pls help

Megha , unfortunately you have given Formula right from the start, so you are facing the issues. See lactation consultant who can guide you properly.. you can still revive your milk supply.

How to increase bm. Pls suggest. Any medicine?; I take Dana methi powder once in a day. Half spoon

alpine I have already answered your question.

Heena your baby is favouring solids to breast milk.. it is fine .. you can add breast milk to the preparation as in Porridge, sheer etc.

Shraddha, exclusive breastfeeding till 6 months..solids should be introduced then.. after one year you can start weaning.

Shweta, frequent feeding, more fluids and above mentioned foods will increase the milk supply.

Shweta consult a lactation specialist to show you the correct latch.. breast pump cannot be total substitute for baby's sucking.

Nikita refer to my earlier posts for increasing milk supply.

Seema, let your baby take solids now that will compensate for low milk production. you can increase your milk supply with foods, hive mentioned earlier.

hello dr, resume ofc from next week but my baby not taking solids too much( she remain hungry)if i did not feed her . what to do? i am doing 8 hrs job and in that time breast pains because of milk . how to reduce pain .

Hi Ma'am,My breasts burn after baby takes feeds.Pls advice

Hi Ma'am,My breasts burn after baby takes feeds.Pls advice

Hi Ma'am,My breasts burn after baby takes feeds.Pls advice

Hi mam,,,my baby takes feed only for 2 to 3min n then starts playing,, earlier he used to latch for 15min atleast ,, I still feel heaviness in breasts as he S not emptying them,, plz help he S 8months old nw

My breasts burn after each feed.Pls advice

R there any side effects of formula milk given to baby due to low milk supply

can i feed my baby in sleeping position. he is 1 month old.

Sandhya express out your milk to reduce discomfort in the breasts...this expressed milk can be given to the child while you are at work

Baby sleeps for 4-5 hours Till then breaks get full.Will expressing milk every 2-3 hours help increase milk supply?

Baby is not gaining weight.What can be done to increase weight.Can we introduce juices to baby from 2 Nd month

Ami if the burning sensation is not for very long , it is ok.. you can do cold compress after the feed. If persistent , then go to your doctor

Hi doctor.. if I feed baby for 30 mins and if she doesn't cry, this mean she is full?? What signs she would give to show her hunger other than crying?

Hello doctor
How to feed refrigerated milk?

Maam my lo is 5 months old.All of a sudden he starts preferring feeds from right breast.In dream feed also he understands the difference and cries if I offer him feed from left breast.If I express the milk from left and give him through spoon and vati,he takes

Hello Dr My baby is 3 months oldy
1. Oct in need to go to work I want to store Bm for noon. wanted to know whether milk supply will reduce as I will not be feeding from you 10 am to 5 pm?
2. After feeding how long it will take to produce milk (bread full)
3. I would like to feed till 1 1/2 year do let me what to do so that Bm will not reduce

Hello mam,,, thank you v much for replying to my query .. But expressing milk n adding to porridge is OK.. But this will reduce my milk supply in future? Or baby don't want brest feeding now as he likes solids.. Now he's 8months ...

Vaishnavi Nainegali.. Same situation with my 8mnths baby too...

Hi Dr Rita Shah.,. My baby is 1.5_years old.. Still Breast feed... I want to move now
.. Coz at night he cant sleep continue at least 2hours... Actually he want to feed evry 2hours
.. Na wo sota he n muje sone deta he.... Me rat ko usse dudh ya juice deke sulati hu.... Pl advise me how to move.... N kyaabhi bhi feeding uske liye thik he?

Ya heena,, I struggle everyday to feed him😐

Rita shah mam kindly do answer ma question too

how can i express milk to store for my kid without using breast pump?

Hello ma'am, my baby is 6 month old, I have joined work from last week, I started expressing milk 3 weeks prior to joining work but I used to get only 50-60 ml milk using electric supply. I never had issue with bm supply but with pump I m not able to store enough milk for her. Also how much quantity of milk should b stored as she is on semi solids Nd feeding it 3 times daily.

Hello doc. My baby is 9 months old. She is completely depends on my breast milk. I want to stop bf. But she is not having animal milk or formula milk. How to stop bf. Pls reply

Hlo mam.. My baby is 3 month old.. And she demand for bf after every hour.. She wake up after every hour in night for feed.. Wot to do to reduce frequencies..

Hello mam,my baby will become 4months old tomorrow,I m giving him breast milk 2times and rest of the time formula milk as my milk supply is less, doctor is telling to give more breast milk,but his is very very thin, what should I do?

I have an infant 1year 5monthold .i m pregnant again.i should continue breastfeeding or stop it.please suggest.

#breastfeeding hi my baby is eating news paper and paper things. What may be the reason. She is 9 months old.

Will curd harm a baby.Mother-In-law says baby can have cold n cough.Is it true???

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