1. Take a large mouthed vessel ,Add a cup of water to it.

2. Mix the ragi ( 1 cup)in a cup of cold water.

3. Add the dissolved solution slowly to the boiling water, stirring with a strong ladle ( back end).

4. Keep whisking till the mudde (Flour dough) becomes smooth and soft without lumps.

5. Reduce the flame, cover with lid and cook for 5 minutes .

6. When serving, wet your hands, take out and make a ball and put it into the middle of plate.

7. Pour some sambar around it. Add a spoon of ghee or butter if you wish and serve hot. #recipes

It's our staple food . Just love it

My Hubby's fav. .

Yes in South Indian Ragi is a staple food..

I make this my hubby's fav

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