First time tried to make kadai paneer and turned out to be pretty good.

Its raining in bhubaneswar again and again there is power cut. I managed the whole dish without the grinder. I learnt that even if i am not feeling well and even if i am too tired but if i have the will and may be if it is paneer i can jump into action and find my way, anyway.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Love myself for this today!

Looks yummy 😋

Aditi Ahuja Kavita Sahany Kritz Bhavna Anadkat Mrs Chhoker

Ohhh.... Love ur will power... Looks tooo yunmy dear..😋. Pl tk care ur health too...

Yummy.. don't exert urself dear...

@kritz yeah!

Wow..this is know AMRITA MALLIK this power will come handy when you wean your baby..for me it was make..throw or eat myself..and now it' bana do..would bana do.. I don't want to eat this kyu banaya aaj..but take rest too dear..

Wow!! Yummy Amrita. Take care.

Look tasty....👌👌for ur spirit

oh mast ,enjoy it and tak adequate rest

Aditi Ahuja di, I am sure i will also make and throw a lot of things.

Ha ha.. don't worry.. it is fun will remember that time with your child later.

Finally Tumhare andar ka chef Bhi Jag utha. Aditi Ahuja you are infectious 😂😂😂😂

Ha ha.. thanks dear Mrs Chhoker my daughter's classmates share her fact I give extra..and tease her and say ki tumhaari mummy Hume de do and my daughter girl never used to eat brinjal and now she eats..her mom was so happy..she asked's great when kids love your food..their smile is best reward..

Aditi Ahuja if your kid loves your food then to your Janam is safal

Aditi Ahuja di sach me jeevan saarthak ho gaya. Even i like my mom's food a lot. And i used to miss her food at hostel and now also. I don't when her anger will go and she will again cook delucious food for me. That ll be like a rebirth for me.

Thanks dear Mrs Chhoker and AMRITA MALLIK I wish aunty will cook for you soon..

it looks so yummmy! great !

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