Working woman n pregnancy

Being pregnant involves taking up responsibility of one more human living and developing inside u. Along with accepting changes n enduring physical discomforts throughout the period. As a reward u definitely get the joy of holding ur lil one in ur arms...But all this gets all the more tough if ur a working woman...

I will share with u my experience -

Currently at 24weeks I'm juggling between managing work n pregnancy related physical discomfort n home. From the start of this pregnancy it has not been a easy task for me as right from the 9 the week I had started off with nausea n vomiting which wouldn't just subside. I had weight loss due to it. Couldn't manage to eat well n whatever i Could eat would come out. Along with all this I'm working in stock market as a Research analyst as well as a Trainer. So think of it I'm leading a training for Pan India clients n I feel like puking.😧🙁🙄 To cut the long story short; somehow managed that phase. Now comes the 2nd trimester which is said to be a boon for many as the symptoms start to reduce n one feels energetic.🙄Really!!! Till 21st week I was puking n at loss of energy. However since 22nd week till date feeling a lil better (touchwood) as nausea has gone n i hope it doesn't come back again. But now with having to travel daily and going home to cook(though my mil doesn't pressurise me) still if I help I'm sure we all get to sit for dinner early so I do. N then when I lay in the bed feels heaven but then after a just a few hours I tend to get up uncomfortable due to back pain m leg cramps..Gosh waiting for weekends n days when I will be on leave..;The best part of 2nd tirmester is u can get to feel that baby inside u moving which is the awesome at feeling u can ever feel..;

So moral of the story is that if u r a working woman make sure take ample of rest whenever u get time.

- eat every 2 hours(i know it gets difficult to carry lots of foods with u but have fruits).

- Hire a help who can help u cook if as u r more or less working for the full day hence u will tend to feel exhausted.

- Drink at least 4 ltrs of water coz it will really help u.

- Ignore thinking about what others will say if I sleep now n all. Just listen to ur body.. I'm learning to do that..

- Inform ur manager in time so that u can get a little leaway from work.

- get checked up regularly n don't miss ur supplements dose.

- take a break and walk for 10 to 15 mins after every 2hrs.

- don't wear heels n tight clothes rather opt for flats n loose clothing

- carry ur nausea survival kit and also the meds which u can tKe..

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Kavita Sahany Aditi Ahuja Vidya Rathod Priya Sood

I know kritz how difficult it is for working women who is carrying. Please take care of yourself. Nice advice for preggies who r going for work.

Very true Kritz . I am also working full time and at the same time managing home and everything along with physical discomforts due to preg. Seriously waiting for leaves.. its very difficult to manage. By the end of 6th month pregnancy..its vry diffcult to sit in ofc fr long hours and travelling to home and doing all chores..
All the best and take good care

I can understand dear.. I had managed a 3 month pregnancy..with 9 to 7 job..home also almost alone without help..just husband it's really difficult..very good tips you have take care..

Hats off to you ladies. I was too afraid to manage emergency while being pregnant and puke all the time with the hospital smell. So i decided to quit and rest.

Superb kritz

Vidya Rathod thanks dear. yes trying to cope up n take care of myself as well.. Ritika Nalwaya I know dear it's too difficult coz end of the day u just want to sleep... Take care. All the best to u dear.. Aditi Ahuja thanks dear... AMRITA MALLIK Shraddha Chibde thanks dear..

Such important post kritika. And fir cramps talk to your doc mine add vit d tablets fie cramps and suggest 4 sachet for this month. Let's see it will help or not

Doing wonderfully Kritz ... Can understand ur back pain at night... It's really difficult.. bt u r managing it nycly.... To care n u provide gud tips to all working mom's... I was also working 9 to 5 ... n it's really tough during 3rd trimester to sit at office... TK cr ...

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