It is been said that "Women who track their menstrual cycles, basal temperature, or hormonal levels over time might have a clearer picture of their fertility than women who don't". What did you track while you were planning a baby?


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I didn't track anything. My periods were mostly regular. It was not planned. I had a very busy and stressful lifestyle in the last 2 years without a break or vacation. This came as a surprise to me when I was at the verge of a physical breakdown out of tiredness, work exhaustion and family responsibilities. All hell broke loose and whole of my world suddenly came deccelerated to rest as if it was demanding to take a breathe.

Nothing it almost came as a surprise after 9 year long wait when I started enjoying my life & work.

Since i had a very stable n static cycle i just counted my middle of the cycle... but yes, i hv heard ovulation kits are very effective specially when either of the spouse travels a lot. This WS my reason for counting middle of the cycle. We had to be together to create a mini us..😊😊

Mine was not planned

My menstrual cycle and the duration between 2 periods.. So that we could calcute the most fertile day. That's really helpful..

My periods were regular n didnot track anything still i havr to wait for 5years to conceive

I definitely tracked my cycles...My ovulation days

My menstrual cycle and it helped me a lot in both the pregnancy

Menstrual cycle , used ovulation calculator in second pregnancy.

In my both pregnancies I tracked d ovulation calculater.. n it helped a lot .. during 1st tym till 1n half yr we didn't tracked any after dat we surely calculate days n it comes to b fruitful...n now dis tym after d gap of 6yrs we calculate again n it's dere..🐾🌺

My periods were mostly irregular, i haven't tracked anything nd pregnancy was nt planned. It was a big surprise for me after 5 months of marriage i got pregnant.

Not planned anything it was a great surprise for us

I din track any thing.. my periods being regular I simply followed my gynacs advice (before which I did opt for calculators n all but nothing worked for 2 to 3 months so had gone to my gynac for advice) to start trying after the 5th day of the period till the next 15days (alternative days). We were extra cautious as we had already lost one last year due to early miscarriage..

Ovulation day

Mine was unplanned..

I never tracked my cycles...

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