She is one of our most helpful MomStars and she is back only to help us out. She has some wonderful insights and tips to share - all about toddlers.

If your child is nearing the so called 'terrible two' then you must attend this one.

Date: 8th August

Time: 3-5 pm

Here are some topics you may ask. Feel free to as more than this.

1. Toddler behavior

2. Diet and Eating concerns

3. Play time ideas

4. Reading to children - how and what

5. How to get my toddler to share

Basically anything about toddlers.

Children are a mystery. Let's ask our MomStar ,Shruti, for help!

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She has been our awesome support! She is so helpful and understands what moms need. I am so thankful to have such wonderful MomStars with us. Thank you so much for this session!!! Shruti Giri Shruti Giri .
You are our pillar.

Wow welcome back Shruti Giri

Wow dear .welcome back.

Waiting for the session

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Shruti Giri Shruti Giri waiting for the session

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Thank you so muchPriya Sood Khushboo Chouhan

I am traveling but managed to get connection. What are the options and ideas for a good play time for my child that combines learning as well. Like words play ? Only when session starts.

Thank you so much Shruti Giri for taking our the time for all of us. Moms you can start asking your questions now. Shruti Giri

Khushboo Chouhan thank for having me😊 ...

Priya Sood i feel, for school going children the best play time activity is to ask them what they did in school throughout the day 😁 plus there are lots of arts n craft activities, real life activities plus some outdoor play..if I want to focus on academic learning then there is story telling to improve vocab as well as social skills, cognitive activities like telling the date and time..

Hi all. My baby is eating news paper and paper things.. what may be the reason. She is 9 months old.

Hi shruti giri . Thanks for taking this session. My son is 16 mnths old. He still cries whenever he wakes up. I have to take him in my lap n roam for sometime n doesnt leave me for n hour.. Pls suggest how to stop his crying.

@Anu hi.. usually children with iron deficiency tend to eat newspaper n lick walls ...but it's not necessary as at this age your baby must be exploring things at his pace...still if you are concern I can visit a doc n get it checked

Namita hi... Crying after waking up is pretty much normal...they cry for two things after waking up either they have wet there bed or they are hungry...or may be he has not slept more thing I would say, try not to take baby on lap while making him sleep...if he sleeps in the crib make him sleep there only..don't roam around or rock as he might get up when u are no longer moving

Hi my baby is 3yr old.... He don't wanna tell n do anything with me, he always says Papa se karunga..... Main kuch bhi bolu toh rota Papa chahiye, even jab bhi mere hubby offc jate hai toh rota hai Papa office nahi jayenge....
What to do kafi baar gussa ata hai

Ankita Aggarwal me I can understand what you are talking about... First of all I would say don't get angry or frustrated...and don't ever ever ever think that baby doesn't love you..he does..more than's just that his father is not around all the when he is around he must be caring for the baby n doing whatever baby asks him to do, as fathers think I am not there throughout the day so let's make it upto him whatever time we are together...we as a mother are available for them 24 hours so it's obvious they don't really care much about us...I would suggest talk to him, spend more time with games take him out...but don't get angry on him it will worsen the situation

Shruti Giri hello dear... Thank you for your time and help. My daughter is 15.5months old ..she loves self play...and spends almost 15 to 20min in it even if I leave the room or hide myself she keeps on enjoying things from household items like kitchen utensils etc. But I want her to do a structured activity she shows lack of interest. She doesn't want to do things like sorting etc. She loves to roam around in house n in garden..touch leaves and flowers...she loves travelling too...but no activity!! How can I develop her interest in activity?

@Richa hi son never played with stacking n sorting toys... He is 2.5 n still he doesn't... First of all I would suggest not to decide on what activities she should do...leave her free...let her do what she actually wants to do... Your 15 MO loves to travel and that's the most amazing thing you can do with her.. let her touch n feel flowers leaves n whatever she's an age to explore let her do that...

Do you recommend enrolling children to holiday program during school vacation?

Do attend Dr. Payal M Roopashree Siddireddy Nancy Singh Sumira Bhatia Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Ankita Popli Anisha Agarwal Charu Sareen Gujjal(TheMomSagas) Arwa Hozefa Amreen Sania Bhushan Dhara Popat Nisha Dayal Ellora Mohanty Biswal Kamalini Rao Meghna Tailor

Priya Sood if child wants to, then yes...but personally I would prefer family vacation over any holiday program... studies suggest family vacations have more impact on children's happiness than any holiday for older kids it's a precious time to spend with the family members as they would not be getting much time while school is on..

Same here. I get influenced by others. But I'm a bit old fashioned. I'm happy if my child gets bored at home

Thank u so much for ur valuable advice shruti giri . As I mentioned above my son is 16 mnths old. Still now he only utters mamma baba n few wrds. He is unable to speak more than one word. I teach him daily whenever he is in happy mood. I show him pictures or objects n pronounce. But he seems disinterested. Though his motor skills r very good. Pls suggest.

Aditi Ahuja Taheseen Asif Revauthi Rajamani Bhavna Anadkat Madhavi Cholera Sonam patel Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Durga Salvi

Abhilasha Jaiswal Varsha rao Priya Dubey nimmi rathore Sangeeta(musicalmomy) Mamta Washist Kapila Rattan Bhowmik

Namita at 16 month's age there articulation ability wouldn't be that great but they understand everything...even if he is saying mom n dad n pointing out things it's's normal for a 16 month old to use 2-3 words for now but don't stop talking in normal language even though he talks gibberish. Plus if you really concerned try not to use multiple languages for communication for now

Hello shruti, nowadays many moms are concern about toddler behaviour and fussy eating. How to deal with these situations

Thanks Shruti Giri ..... But he don't wanna listen me bas cryng every time and from few days he don't like eating anything and don't wanna bath which he likes earlier

Shruti Giri thanks a lot dear...what a sigh of relief for me!! I will let her explore envt for sure 🙂

Khushboo Chouhan tell me about it...for toddler behaviour I would say it's just a phase 😁 at the age of 2-3 toddlers are on the exploration spree...they just don't want to be stopped n when we do there comes a tantrum. The most important thing is to understand their need at times that's it... More or less every toddler is a fussy eaters even if it's occasionally...not forcing them to do anything n making them understand is the only thing which can be done n can work eventually

Ankita Aggarwal

Ankita Aggarwal as your baby is 3 yo, he understands things..j would suggest you to talk to him n see if he has something to say n is there anything you can help him with..may be he is just irritated..try to talk to him patiently hug him kiss him n ask what happened...

Shruti, can you please share some tips and tricks you are using while raising a toddler?

Thanks Shruti I try my best

First and the most important tip.. practice what you preach... Make your expectations clear n instead of forcing them to 'follow' let them understand everything on their own...

Thanks a lot. shruti giri .

Hi Shruti Giri... My baby is 1.5 year old... Abhi use kya good manners sikhani chahie...?

Bhavna Anadkat this age it's a good start if you use words like sorry excuse me thank you... Start with normal hygiene things like washing hands before meal when back from playgrounds..etc

Thank you so much Shruti for all the wonderful answers! Your answers were truly gold :) :)

Khushboo Chouhan happy to help!!

Thanks so much Shruti Giri

Hello mam my baby is 4 months old on 12 August...; He is premature baby..; I don't understand his behaviour..; He can't play on itself he always want to Rome around or in lap..; Wt should I do..;

Thank u so much dear Shruti Giri

I'm so sorry mom's . today's ws m so busy whole day ..Shruti Giri nice session u done 👍👍great job👍

Firstly welcome back Shruti Giri ...I m so sorry for missed this important useful session.😑

Oh wow! Missed Shruti! So nice to see her back 👍🏻

Which food is the best to gain weight for children age 11 yrs

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