I bought the natural foot cream by The moms co. It's highlight ingredients are peppermint essential oil, argan oil, shea butter, and vitamin e. I don't have any swelling in feets and ankle as of now but i always have a tingling pin prick like sensation in sole of both the feets, which increase after taking food or if the temperature of the environment is too high i.e. mostly during summers. And the temperature of the soles also feels much higher than the rest of my body, almost as if it could cook up an omlette. I usually keep soaking my feet in tub of water or apply ice and wrap it up with wet towels or show them under running water. As the tub water and towel become warm veru fast.

So, i had very high expectations from this product as there is no othet foot cream i could find which claimed yo give a cooling sensation. And by seeing the peppermint cobtent on it i bought it. Yes on application it did give a little bit cool sensation for a very few seconds. But the effect didnt last any further. Its fragrance is super awesome and its moiturising power is up to the mark. As suggested over the pack I store it in refrigerator, to increaee the cooling sensation but it is not of much help. Just a difference of few more seconds. Still its a good competition to other foot creams available in the market because of the peppermint esseantial oil and as price wise also it is very affordable. As far as relief to swollen feet is concerned i ll update if i have them towards the end of my pregnancy.

Priya Sood Harshmita Walia Swati Upadhyay Khushboo Chouhan Kritz Nitika Chopra Tabassum shaikh Rashmi Choudhury asha chaudhry Aditi Ahuja Kavita Sahany Mrs Chhoker

Great!! Thanks for the review ☺️

Thanks for the review dear...

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