A gift from me to the mommy me!

Finally today this book "mommylogy" by pamper hamper was delivered at my doorstep. Unlike other online packaging, this book was packed like a gift with colourful hearts printed wrapping paper. And I was super excited to open it up , see and devour it. It is a thin book, much like a school workbook for kids. The book begins with a warm welcoming letter to the mommy to-be, describing the book and its features. It claims to be a pregnancy activity book for the mother and a baby brain development book for the fetus.

Browsing through the pages I found that it has beautiful stencils for colouring, crosswords, sudoku, word search, puzzlers, mind benders, quizzes, innovative ideas, interspersed with comforting talk back pages for different stages of pregnancy.

Besides relaxation, calming and positively challenging the brain activity, it also contains a lot information regarding pregnancy. It is a pregnancy work book. It doesn't spoon feed like other pregnancy books with stacks of do's , don'ts or facts. Rather it triggers the brain to find and dig for more information and decide for ourself about what would b right or wrong in any situation that we may face during this period. It is making me feel like going to school again. The pregnancy school. As I go through the book one activity after the other I ll keep posting its pictures.

Working moms are busy, they may enjoy it or may find it childish.

But I feel its a luxurious indulgence for a stay at home pregger like me, to enjoy and pamper myself in the right direction.

I would love to do more such workbooks for life.

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wow!! you know how to pamper urself :)

Khushboo Chouhan yeah of course, if no one does then we have to pamper ourselves. We can pamper ourselves in the best way! #selflove

Wow!! I wish I know this when I am carrying. Mam to be's please have a look and pamper yourself. Good going AMRITA MALLIK

AMRITA MALLIK this looks so interesting..

I have no idea about such activity books quite interesting

Wow yaar. Will definitely recommend this book to my pregnant frns.

Wow yaar..very nice

Rebecca Prakash yes dear its the perfect and the most thoughtful useful gift for expecting moms and babyshowers.

Anvita Dekhane

Where did you buy it from?

From BABYCHAKRA only. Its available on amazon also.

Cool! Thanks

Priya Dubey Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) thank u

Nilofer Shaikh Vrushalee SB Varsha Rao girls....i used this book during my pregnancy and i have shared each and every activity of the book under #mommylogy .

Interesting 👍

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