Men always need *women* :

Not just in the temple.... Even in life we are always in *search of different women.*..

First it is *Vidya* (education), then *Lakshmi* (wealth) - finally it is *Shanti* (peace).

From *Usha* (dawn) to *Sandhya* (dusk) we are at work - seeking *Annapurna* (food).

At *Nisha* (night) we seek *Nindiya* (sleep) and *Swapna* (dreams).

Whether we chant the *Gayatri* (mantra) or read the *Gita* (epic), or we do *Vandana*, *Puja* or *Aarti* with *Shradha* towards God to pray, we are still with women. If dark,; we want *Jyoti* (light), if lonely we want *Prema and Sneha* (love n friendship).

If we are at war, we want *Jaya* (victory). When we grow older we want *Karuna* (sympathy) or *Mamta* (love)From those who are angry with us we want *Kshama* क्षमा (forgiveness).


*Dedicated to all the women in the world!!!* 💃🏻😀😀 #hindihappyhours #hindibabychakra #hindileaderboard

Very nice msg


Thank you Neelima Nandam

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