Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) gratitue mommy! Missed ur post yesterday. Please keep posting them . They start the day with a positive note. They add a positive perspective to life and relationships. And letting out those words itself gives a feel good effect.

Please tag #gratitudemommy Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) and demand gratitude posts if u have also liked them and had fun answering them like me.

#gratitudemommy Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) awaiting your posts....Love them... We want more... 🤘

#gratitudemommy we demand gratitude post... :D

Aditi Ahuja Kavita Sahany Bhavna Anadkat Taheseen Asif Tabassum shaikh Priya Sood Vidya Rathod Rebecca Prakash Khushboo Chouhan Rashmi Choudhury Priya Dubey Priti Raghuvanshi Satarupa B Kaur Sania Bhushan Madhavi Cholera
Revauthi Rajamani Naiyya Saggi

Yeah awaiting Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales)

Yep darling.. keep them coming.. Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales)

Yes we are awaitingAkanksha Bajaj(ida_tales)

Dear we all awaiting #gratitudemommyakanksha

Hi sweethearts ..I am so glad to have found a group where I can have so many meaningful conversations..Thank you AMRITA MALLIK for missing me...

Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) finally the #gratitudemommy is back. So let the fun begin!


Mrs Chhoker DrShilpa Singhal

Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales)
Aaj ka post???

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