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Top 5 stories will get curated handmade bio-degradable Rakhis made from seeds, papers and natural colors from BookyWooky. These Rakhis are worth fighting for :)

#rakhicontest #khattimeethiyaddein #myrakhipresent

Saleha Belim sonia Prasad Anamika Jaiswal jutica Neha Saraswat maragathammahesh Dolly Chhikara Deepthi Niranjan Akanxa Tiwari Rajeshwari sanbal Bhumika Madhyan Rashmita Ghosh Basak Leela Arya Saloni Kenkre Gunjan Parmar sakshi rawat rana Tulika Mandal das Krati Thakur Rajanya Dey Maya Soni Neha Singh Neha Singh Jyoti Sharma anjali burnwal Samapika Dash karuna Tibrewala Sujata Gunjal snigdha Banerjee Ghosh Manisha uppal jyoti sundriyal kavita agarwal kriti pandey Anju Gupta Khushboo Bhutoria mrs umi shilpa arora Hina Patni Sanghati Das Diya Sen sherlyn elizabeth TITHI DEY PARBAT Rekha bhati Madhu Chowdhury L ahari dey sowmya chakilam ishwarya.s.shetty shetty Neha Sinha Swati Deshmukh Kanchi Jain sumitha S Rajini Sonika Tanwani Anjana Lall Lora Q Sandhya K S kalpana jaiswal pammi jha Vasudha Bhushania Manjeet Kaur s Choudhary Nirosha Chelvavanan alongkar hazarika amrita ramchandani monic..ka Simpee Bhardwaj afreen sana ullah Lakhwinder Kaur Pooja Singh Akshata Gaonkar Shalini Verma Rama Mohan Shagun Panwar Swati Singhal Mukhwinder Singh Pallavi Mishra Anitamalik Rupali Chavan Karuna Gandhi pallavi verma Sanjana dhingra Rebecca Isaac francis harsha raut Kusum Govil Vaishali Rane Solanki mansha Ajnar Kiran Verma Sumitra Sahoo Nethra Shashidhar Shilpa Singh h ayesha Heather Rosado Madhura Despande Vishkha Ghorai Mrs. jyoti

I had saved 900 rs from pocket money and had kept safely in my and night i was dreaming of things i can buy with it.. when one day my brother ordered pizza and said it was pizza party.. i was eating to my hearts content when i enquired as to who was throwing the party and why?
To my surprise he told me that the party was by me as he took out my money from the almirah as he wanted to eat pizza and mom was not agreeing😂
I cried a lot and dint eat when my father came to resque and promised my money back and my brother got scolding #myrakhipresent

ritu singhal Prakash Satarupa B Kaur asha chaudhry Richa Chowdhary Revauthi Rajamani Neha Vij Khushboo Chouhan Priya Sood Sonam patel Nilofer M Akshaya Naresh Prachi Aditi Ahuja; Neha Mani Mishra Satarupa B Kaur Madhavi Cholera Khushboo Chouhan Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Abhilasha Jaiswal Sania Bhushan Varsha rao Amardeep Singh Bhavna Anadkat Mrs Chhoker Richa Choudhary KritiVika asha chaudhry Priya Sood Vidya Rathod Taheseen Asif Priya Dubey Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Mariyum Aaquib Kritz Shanaya Chandani Pathak Harshmita Walia Archita Bhattacharjee Kavita Sahany Resham Java Abhilasha Paul Rebecca Prakash Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Cheni Adukia Amardeep Mann Akanchha Pandey asha choudhary Kritz KritiVika asha chaudhry Rebecca Prakash Chandani Pathak

I remember a very hilarious memory.. where in during Diwali we always had our frnds come over n have a gala time. N once my brother asked me to invite a guest over a phone call to come over and have some diwali snacks with us... Saying this he handed over the phone to me
So this is how the conversation went -
Me - hello uncle. Kaise ho app? Happy Diwali.. uncle aap humare ghar Diwali ke naste ke liye aaye aur mummy me banaye hue snacks khaiye..
Uncle - beta from where r u speaking?
Me - kya uncle phone se vast kar Rahi hu.
Uncle - kaha rehte ho?
Me - uncle gharpe aur kaha..
Uncle - mummy hai kaha pe.
Me - ha (n by this time my brother was telling me say mom is not there)
Uncle - phone do apne mummy ko.
Me - mummy one uncle wants to talk to u..
Mom comes and speaks to the uncle.. m by this time my brother ran away from the house.. after having the conversation on phone my mom sent straight to the kitchen and came out with belan..
I'm sure after reading this what would have happened... But can anyone guess who was that uncle whom I had invited to have Diwali snacks????????
Swati Upadhyay #rakhicontest #khattimeethiyaddein

I have a baby brother, 3 yrs younger than me. Very naughty n my soul. Me n my brother are very close n share everything. When I started working I used to pamper him and he never ever gifted me anything as that time we used to get very less pocket money. So i never got any gift from him not on Rakhi, Birthday never. Then I got married n same year he was doing his internship. I knew that he get very less stipend. So after marriage my first Rakhi was there, I tied him Rakhi n I wasn't expecting any gift obviously n then he was like sorry kuch nahi laya u know abhi salary nahi milti. I was like u start earning sab vasool karungi. Then after a while he handed me a gift box, I was like so surprised even before opening it, I was crying. Then I opened he bought me a Paithani (Saree) it was beautiful n so pretty when I asked him who selected he said he went alone with help of the shopkeeper he bought me this saree.I cried so much bcz it was the most precious gift for me as he always told me once I start to earn I will pamper you. I felt that day my little bro has grownup. That was the best RAKHI GIFT I ever got. N yes now I get gifts on all occasions as he earns quite well. #myrakhipresent

I have 3 years younger brother...we both fight alot even now also ...this is not khattamittha one but yaad rakhnewali baat thi... during childhood whenever we fought we took revenge for everything.sometimes we tear textbooks so that in school teacher gonna scold , sometimes hide notebooks,...papa brought for me new shoes..and day after I saw there was cut in that shoe...and I knew it was my little brother who did I decided not to tie rakhi...on that very auspicious day when my mom prepared rakhi thali and gave it to me..I denied to tie him rakhi he is not my brother... mom scolded me for this ..I kept myself locked in a room...after 5 hour of continuous begging by mom,papa I came outside when they said they will buy 2 new shoes for me...but I didn't tied rakhi to brother 😖 that year...after few year later when I went to hostel even if not on the same day whenever he made to see me I tied him doubt we argue,we fought but whenever I m in trouble he is always with sweet little babu 🌻 #rakhicontest #khattimeethiyaddein #myrakhipresent

So here it goes ..I'm sure I must have mentioned it before..
My mom left me home with my little brother.
And I thought of a prank.I took scissors and cut few of his hair.I tried to hide the scissors.My mom was shocked when she came back home seeing hair on bed..And eventually she found the scissors too

I have no brother in my life..😢😢

I have a brother we will enjoy day with parents

I don't have a real brother but one of my cousin brother's have been like a real brother to me..we share a very good bro sis bond..

It's of my birthday day, at sharp 12 midnite my bro came to me n my sis room to wake her up, when he was calling her name I wake up n said thank u even he didn't wished me and my sis was like soja soja Kal dekhenge....
When my sis birthday came we all planned to cut her cake at 12 midnit but keep on hiding it from here n there I given her at 11 "ab tu cut krle cake aur nahi chupaya ja raha"
After that my bro didn't make any plan of surprises wth us.... Kehta tum dono bekar ho

Kritz don't tell me it was ur dad! And u couldn't recognize his voice.

Ya I do think it's Kritz dad

AMRITA MALLIK Ankita Aggarwal; the number was - "100"
Now imagine the situation 😂😂😋😜

#rakhicontest My brother Anil Trehan doesn't like Holi festival. He always used to make excuses to avoid to playing holi. So Me and my sister played a prank with him on holi festival. He had his seperate attached bathroom. On that day I unscrewed the shower and filled it with black color and fixed it back with black color still filled inside it again as he entered the bathroom and turned on the shower me and my sister started laughing loudly and as he came out of the bathroom his face was completely black as we both shouted "Bura na mano holi hai" we all still remember this prank and can't control laughing whenever we think of it #khattimeethiyaddein #rakhicontest #myrakhipresent

My brother is in banglore n me n my sister is in dat tym we both sister hv no money n we dont want to tell dis to parents....bhai knws our situation so he told me "aap dono chup chap bol dena k rakhi bhej dye h n mai rakhi purchase kr k bandh lunga" n mummy papa ko pta v ni dat tym we both sister realise k hamara cohta bhai kitna bda n smjhdar ho gya u bhai...n missed u...:( :(

Y ur not list my name swati

My brother is 15 yrs younger to me and he is like my baby. He is not hvng money to give me return gift everytime i buyed something for him once i forget to get something for him and not been at my home too. That day he was crying like anything and he called me and said please come I will give you gift. I need you badly my sister. Than jab mae ghar pahunchi uska rokar bura haal tha he said humara rishta humesha ke liye hai isko kabhi khatam nai karna tum Jarur aana. Itna sunnr ke baad we started weeping and crying alot. Its really nice memory i never forget. I love my brother. #myrakhipresent #rakhicontest #khattimeethiyaddein

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So my mom is from a large family has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. So I have loads of cousins of age's very similar to mine. Every summer all of us cousins used to meet up in one place as all of lived in different cities. One such summer all of us especially the older ones decided to watch a horror movie. Can't forget the name too evil dead part one. I still remember how each one of us tried to outdo the other in showing off not being scared. One of them made a hole in the blanket watched through that. Two of us were constantly running to a different room n back. Few held on to each other. But we all did have sleepless nights for days. But it was worth watching the movie with all of us together. By the way our parents never knew about it. Even though they were in the same house.

#myrakhipresent My brother is 11 years younger to me,so he is very special to me,our first raksha bandhan was on same date of his rice ceremony,so v did our first raksha bandhan in temple i was 11 years then i still remember it as it was a beautiful day for me as i always use to tell my mummy papa give me a brother i wana tie rakhi to him,before he was born on every rakhsha bandhan i myself use to wear pants shirt n tie rakhi to my hand,aftr he was born my dream was fulfilled and it was indeed special as our first raksha bandhan was in temple,whn i grow big and for professional course i had to stay in other city in hostel,1 month before of raksha bandhan i used to buy a rakhi ,a card and a gift for my baby brother and use to send,whch was exciting as well as saddening as i was far frm him #khattimeethiyaddein #rakhicontest

my both; brothers are very caring & loving..they both take very good care of me n my sister as we are youngers from them..everytime at; rakhi festival, we creates new memories..we enjoyed together with our small kids now..
i remember one from khatti mithi yaade is here:
when i was in college, as i; love diamond rakhies, i bought it before 4 to 5 days of rakhi..i took it in my cupboard nicely in one brother saw it....he bought two gift for me nd my sister , i saw it ,took that & hide it.nd was laugh that my bro will become tensed when search gifts.. the day of rakhi, in morning, i searched whole cupboard nd didnt found that box of rakhi...i was worried as it was sunday nd no any shop was opened...
after 2 hours, my bro said, hurry up..muhurt nikl jayega rakhi ka, jaldi se bandh do..i was like cry face, nd told him that rakhi ka box kho gaya! he laughed lot & said " gifts kisne chupayi thi ?" i suddenly shouted, ohh !; u hide my rakhi ka box? he said , i m your big bro ! give me it & i will return your rakhi..! after rakhi ceremony, he gave me my gift nd in it i found a beautiful dress, which was work with lots of lovely Diamonds! i weared it at that time after opening !it was double surprise when i found; Diamond nackless in second gift from my another bro! i cant forget that day..we passed that day with lots of laugh, sweets , chocolates nd outing with all is one pic of last rakhi pic seems that we couldn't stop laugh! )
#myrakhipresent #rakhicontest

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The Day i still remembered as a natkhat yaadein when i played a prank on my brother. That day he was about to take bath to annoy him i filled an empty shampoo bottle wid some body lotion and gave it to him for shampooing. As soon as he starting to shampoo his hairs he started screaming from bathroom... '' whats this sticky thing on my hairs 🙄 ...? ' and he rushed out of the bathroom all his hairs sticky & messy. I made a him a bakra &we all went laughing in the end.... #MyRakhiPresent #rakhicontest #Khattimeethiyaddein

My brother is younger Dan me...we fought reminds me ...we r two sister and brother ...we always fight for TV remote...we divide two days for week..and on Sunday , one of us who get up early in d morning vl take remote... Missing​ dose moments

#myrakhipresent #khattimeethiyaddein #rakhicontest
Rakhi is our fav festival... We all bro sis enjoy whole day.... Once memory which create lot of emotions in that rakshabndhan ..
Me n bhaiya planning kr rahe the ki kya krna he rakhi pe... Tb hmne dekha ki papa thode udas the... Samaj me aagya reason .. Kyuki... Bua aur papa me thodi anban ho gai thi to 2years se bua rakhi pe nai aa rahi thi... 😒
Hmne plan kiya ki is rakhi pe bhai bahen ko milvana he...
Us din... Subah mene aur bhaiya ne juth muth ki ladai ki... Papa smja rahe the hm dono ko.... Pr mene keh diya ab me rakhi nai bandhu gi use.... Bsss.....
To papa gussa ho gye...." Ye kya baat hui? ... Jagda ek taraf... rakhi me aisa nai krte.. "... Tb bhaiya bole..." Aap bhi to bua se nai bandhvate papa.... "..... Aur papa Ka gusaa pighal gya... Aur bole ready ho jao... Hum sub bua k ghar chalte he.
.. Vaha celebrate hoga rakshabndhan ..😊.. Jab hm pahoche bua k ghar.... To woh itni surprise thi.... Khusi k aansu Aa gye the.... Aur papa k chehre pe khusi ki ronak....😊😊 N we enjoy.... papa ne bua se kaha... Ek bhai bahen ne aaj dusre bhai bahen ko milvaya.... 😊

Ek baar mujhe Yaad hai mumma ne Hm do sister aur Bhai ko bewkoof bnaya🤔. Hm logo ko mithai bahot pasand tha. Wo v Sandesh Bengal ki. Mumma ne suji k halwa ko Sandesh bnaya. Aur jb Hm behno ne Rakhi ki thali sajayi toh bahot khush they. Qki plate me Sandesh the. Aur jb Bhai aaya toh Wo v bolne laga jldi bandh do Rakhi kalai pr. Hame khani hai. 😂Bhai ne mithai hame khilaya aur hmne Vaii ko. Toh confused the ki ye toh Sandesh jaisi nhi lagti. Mumma ko Bulaya hmne ki ye kya hai. Toh unhone Kaha ki yeh Sandesh nhi suji Ka halwa hai jise last me shape bna diya tha. Hmlogo ki Hasi ruk nhi thi😂aur mumma ko Rona Aa rha tha qki halat hi waisi thi. Mumma ki Bimari ki Karan Sara paisa chla gya tha paani ki Tarah. Unke paas paise nhi the ki mithai Laye.
Pr hmlog phir v bahot khush Sath toh they sb. Aur kya chahiye. Aur Aaj aise din Aa gye ki sb Kuch hai apne paas pr Wo diin ki khushi nhi hai.Mano sb Kuch rhte hue v na k barabar.Aur haa Mera Bhai Itna badmass tha ki Wo Rakhi k Baad kvi gift nhi deta tha. Wo Bs bolta next year Hm Pakka degaa. 😀😁😁 #Rakhicontest # #khattimeethiyaddein # #my Rakhi present #

Rakshabandhan is a beautiful
Festival of love and care among brother and sister as my daughter is our only child so on that rakshabandhan band she tied Rakhi to her dad , one this beautiful festival she purchased rakhi of her own choice than on rakshabandhan day she gets up and ask for new 👗 than she workship of God with her dad than we follow all rituals of rakshabandhan than she do Tilak to dad and tie rakhi and give sweets and in return her dad gives her the gift and Shagun money and that moment is a moment happiness for our baby and us. And this year she is excited for rakshabandhan because she knows she has brother (her dad) who will give her gifts on rakshabandhan.
#rakhicontest #khattimeethiyaddein #myrakhipresent

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I still remember that day when someone as me about the prank...early morning I was brushing my teeth suddenly I saw blood is cuming from my mouth...but it was not blood it was edible red colour which my brother had put 2 to 3 drops on my brush and I thought blood is cuming from my mouth...other was He use to put clear tape on remote to cover the light so I get frustrated and I break the remote that day...there are so many pranks he did list of day he put vegetable oil in the shower gel bottle and I got so angry on him that I didn't spoke to him for 3days ...😛😛😛😛😭😭😭😭 but after my marriage I miss my brother so much...we both r still apart but always attached by heart...I love my bro Akash n akshay 👬 now I'm a mother of a baby boy #rakhicontest #khattimeethiyaddein #myrakhipresent

#rakhi contest #khattimeethiyaddein #myrakhipresent
Me and my brother are best friends.
he is younger than me so I care for him so much.
In childhood We quarrel with each other on silly things so my father told us to write down in note whatever we quarrel with each other in my parents absence, they give punishment to us. Then papa came in evening after office and laugh 😂 at the things we done. Neither me nor my brother get punishment and that time we forget everything that we quarrel for 🤗
Now we both are well settled and lives in different cities. We miss our childhood memories. I can share every happiness and difficulties of my life. brother is the best part of life. I have no sister but he is for me brother and sister both.

Shall i put 45th vaccination after 10 days to my baby??

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