Importance of Books in our lives -

Booms play a significant role in our life. It is said "when u open a book , u open a new world"

For me if u ask books are my best friend and are a part of my everyday life..

They are packed with knowledge, insights into a happy life, gives us life lessons. They have been here for centuries together n without them today's knowledge of our past ancestors,cultures,traditions, civilization would have been impossible for us to know.

It's a perfect hobby all should have for there are wonderful reasons as to why reading is important -

1) to expose ourselves to new things

2) to improve our knowledge n vocabulary

3) to improve our understanding

4) to reduce stress

5) to entertain oneself...

If u ask my journey of reading it started since I was in 9th std n had suffered from food poisoning n then jaundice due to which had to take a break from school. During this period I started reason books such a Champak,Tinkle, etc..

Then on in 9th n 10th std my tuition teach introduced a new concept to our learning where she would as us to read a para from readers digest and then ask us to simplify and write in our own words.. this way I got started of reading reader digest.. when my mom seen I started reading; she was the happiest of all (being a teacher herself she is damn fond of reading) so from Tinkle to Reader digest to famous five, secret seven, to reading love stories to fiction n non fiction booms here I am loving to read all jhoners of books... N waiting for my maternity leave to begin so I can get back to reading like before... #nationalbookloversday #myreadingjourney

Priya Sood Swati Upadhyay

Beautiful! I am very new to reading and prefer reading intellectual books as i feel i can absorb that better than any other thing!

I caught the habbit of reading in class 3 because of the beautiful fairy tale books in our school library. And then that continues till now!

Till date books are my first love.. if I like a book, I can wake whole night to finish it..

Aditi Ahuja I still do that... 😜
N others say if u don't feel sleepy read a book u will sleep. But if I read a book then I'm sure I won't sleep...😂😋

Ha ha same here dear Kritz I remember my mom coming to check on me at night and even scolding me that I will go blind this way..

Hahaaa... 😂

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