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I always try to make easy and simple recipes which are healthy, less time and effort consuming and yummy too..

Fruit Magic!!

1 apple peeled and cut into long pieces

2 pears pealed and cut into Long pieces

1 small real orange juice pack

1/2 small real mango juice pack

Juice of half lemon and rind of half lemon

Nuts like pistachios for garnish and I have used mixed berries like cranberry, blueberry etc for garnish. You can use also use fruits and garnish of your choice like kiwi, strawberries etc and nuts like walnuts and garnish of melon seeds etc

One can also use fresh homemade juices and just see which juice will combine well with your fruits..


1. Take a dish which can be used for baking. Borosil one is best. Arrange the fruits in the dish.

2. Grate lemon rind on these fruits and also sprinkle little lemon juice.

3. Take a small bowl and mix orange and mango juice and pour on the fruits just enough to cover the fruits well.

4. Then I have microwaved the dish for 5 minutes at high. If using oven, then bake this at 180 degrees for about 10-12 minutes while checking.

Garnish it as per choice and serve when warm or even at fridge temperature.

already bookmarked this amazing recipe!

Thanks dear Swati Upadhyay

Ahhhhaaaaa .. mouth watering

Yummmmmy..... 😋😋

Yummmmmy..... 😋😋

Great idea!!

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