My favourite pregnancy bollywood movie- PAA. I watched this movie continously on repeat mode for 3 days after returning from the doctor's clinic. Then last one day i watched this scene where vidya's mom asks her again and again " bacha chahiye ya nahi chahiye?". Vidya goes on and on with her insecurities. But her mom settles it down so easily by giving her own example and support. I wish all moms were like her so strong and supportive.

I also fantasized that I too will b able to study all through my pregnancy like Vidya and appear for the neet pg exams. But little did I know that for her pregnancy got over in a song of 3 minutes but for me it will take 3 trimesters of innumerable hurdles which I will have to deal all alone with limited support.

Yet the movie gave the much needed perspective at that time. Soon I found BABYCHAKRA. It was like 'doobte-hue-ko-tinke-ka-sahara' situation for me. Then I decided to take one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. I have such a long life. Zaldi zaldi sab kuch haasil karke kya karna he?

I will study later with my baby around me. May be, my baby will get inspired by seeing me. Now I am happy enjoying this sabbatical from work, professional life career etc. Even better that I discovered my own self worth by sharing my thoughts with all the moms here on Babychakra.

Aditi Ahuja Kavita Sahany Bhavna Anadkat Taheseen Asif Tabassum shaikh Priya Sood Vidya Rathod Rebecca Prakash Khushboo Chouhan Rashmi Choudhury Priya Dubey Priti Raghuvanshi Satarupa B Kaur Sania Bhushan Madhavi Cholera
Revauthi Rajamani Mrs Chhoker Akanksha Bajaj(ida_tales) Kritz Nitika Chopra Naiyya Saggi Resham Java Kruti Nirmal Ankita Aggarwal Prashanthi srikanth asha chaudhry
Swati Upadhyay Harshmita Walia Neha Mani Mishra DrShilpa Singhal Shruti Budihal Paromita Chakraborty sujata prava Naiyya Saggi Shruti Budihal Teju Gowda somyashree. R Tabassum shaikh Aisha Shamsi Archita Bhattacharjee akanksha singh AKANSHA DIXIT Cherry Bansal Karuna Gandhi Ekta Daniel nimmi rathore Kattamoori bhuvana
vikas Joshi Bijal Joshi Abhijit Rout DrShilpa Singhal Dr. Payal M Jayalakshmi Nair Dr. Ketaki Pawar.
thank you all

So well written dear.. U r obviously very strong n inspire mom.... I like all ur post..

AMRITA MALLIK one thing i know for sure that u r a person with full of positivity..i m learning a lot from u and people around u do enjoy ur presence...keep the spirit up!!!in between aaj sona nahi hai😝???

Nitika Chopra aaj pelvis pe bohut zyada pressure ki wajh se neend nahi aa rahi thi. Ye sab thoughts aa rahe the. So socha ki crib karke abhijit ko baar baar uthane se acha he likh dalun. Likhne ka baad neend aa gayi. Abhi bhook lagi aur fir uth gayi hun. Patah nahiaur neend aayegi ki nahi.

Bhavna Anadkat Nitika Chopra bohut mushkil se ye attitude aya he.. free ka nahi he. Thank you for appreciating!

AMRITA MALLIK ohh its due to baby too having back pain..i just slept 2hours and now hungry time..already ate a banana but still not full..thinking what to eat at this time is also a task..try to rest and get some energy..

AMRITA MALLIK my daily time pass at this time is watching funny videos of babies..try doing will feel good..

Am so happy that you get inspiration from whatever you see ,read and you share that with us. Yes first priority to your and babies health so take care dear. You r so inspiring to other to be mom's . Take care

Nicely written dear
Take care God bless you

AMRITA MALLIK ur such a sweetheart...I m learning lots of things from u... babychakra really helps me to find myself again with the support of beautiful mom's...keep writing ...keep inspire us🌻

👌👌.. vry well written... Dnt take any stress.. hamesha haste Rahna.., little bit uncomfortable feel hoga.. so divert d mind by watching gud video's or listening song.. 😊

Woowww AMRITA MALLIK yes seeing u study n accomplish ur pg will surely inspire ur baby. Plus one more beautiful trait of urs that the baby will share is ur positive; n not giving g up attitude. Hope u got some rest yesterday night..

Nitika Chopra i too ate a banana and somehow hit the bed with the pregnancy pillow. I slept but not so properly. Feeling so tired. Yeah true. What to eat? and what to cook? Has become a million dolar question now. Yes baby videos make me feel good too. My favourite baby video is myntra's 'mom's gone mad' sale advertisement. I watch it many many times.

Vidya Rathod Priya Dubey Rashmi Choudhury Shruti Budihal thank you all so much. U all inspire me a lpt too.

Vidya Rathod Priya Dubey Rashmi Choudhury Shruti Budihal thank you all so much. U all inspire me a lpt too.

AMRITA MALLIK good you did rest..i tried too but no sleep before its a daily pattern.babies shown in the ad are so adorable even the first cry ad..

Nitika Chopra 😴😴🤕😭😊

Kritz yeah got some rest but not enough. I also want to have the stamina like you dear!

Dear AMRITA MALLIK I too had to take my pregnancy break way too early than planned due to my bad health.. I got pregnant at a time when I was doing great in career and when just 1 month earlier I had been detected with high hypothyroidism and anemia..haemoglobin was 7.2.. on my first doctor visit itself when she told I need to take break and take care.. I had laughed it off.. I only had my husband with me for first 4 months.. somehow juggled through office..home and finally had infection..had to go to mom's and thereafter when baby changed as at 6 months she was severely sick.. thereafter couldn't ever come on track..I had cried a lot on this..was even depressed but then have understood it's life plan..if God takes away something's then gives others.. trying to find happiness in what we have today is the only way to stay happy..kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi miltaa..kisi ko zameen to kisi ko aasmaan nahi miltaa..

Seriously I felt so good to see you in such positive mode Amrita. I remember how you begun this journey but finally you are on track. Keep your spirits always up 😘

Aditi Ahuja such great sacrifice can b done only by a mom. It is so great and overwhelming to know ur story di. It takes a lot to forget about your own career for the baby.

Mrs Chhoker yes u and Dr. Payal M asha choudhary are the witness of this change in attitude.

Lovely post Amrita. PAA is a real gem. Keep all the positive thoughts to you and flush out the negativity from your life. I also studied a lot during my pregnancy and as a result my daughter is a book worm herself 😜

Thanks dear AMRITA MALLIK are like a sister to me and through your posts I understand what you are going through.. I had seen my daughter almost dying..we had to air fly her to a big city for treatment with Vigo in her hands for 15 days..just at 6 months age.. innumerable injections..she had stopped responding...later when she was an year old and ok..her immunity was nil and she fell sick every month and this had continued till 7 years...hoe could and with whom could I leave my child and laws are indifferent and dad unwell..many people told me..hire a maid for her when she was ok and do your earned so well..see many people less capable than you have gone ahead..even I cried..wanted to tear away my degree..throw my Gold medals in Dusbin.. I always ask God..why did you make me study so hard and do all that work when you wanted me to do not much with it.....then I look at my daughter's face..remember that time with goosebumps and realize nothing is worth more than being with her and bringing her up...

It's not easy because I had never wanted to give hurts.. I am still sometimes sad..low on self esteem.. this Monday only I had an argument with husband over something.. I could have my own money..big name etc..but now whenever I talk to God he says.. I did the best for will understand later..

You poured out your thoughts beautifully...I too think that each phase should be enjoyed to it's fullest.I still feel bad as I used to crib a lot in Paris when I was pregnant.I could have made the most of my time there...So it's better to enjoy the time and re-tune your priorities, you're doing great

Aditi Ahuja yes di. I am also afraid of this situation only. And i am praying for a healthy baby and to have good breast milk supply. But still things are never in our hands. Man proposes and God disposes. Child will come with his or her own destiny and we have to stand by it first and fight with it if required.

True dear..just enjoy this phase to the fullest..take it one day at a time and hope for best.. I wish you have a healthy and happy child and you are always happy..

Aditi Ahuja dii Jo Ho gaya hai uske bare main aap jaida chinta mat kiya Karo.. for baby health Itna sabkuch sacrifice kiye Ho.. god is also der to protect us..

I just can't thank enough babychakra and my buddies here..they all are so many mom's who are so accomplished here have done the same thing what I have done for my kid.. I don't feel alone..many have tried and continued with their careers which too is awesome.. basically I have understood that it's to each their is the best judge of ones situation and thus whatever decisions we take due to that should not be regretted always and just seeing good side and being contented is the key to happiness..Jo haatho me hai use jee lo..Kal ho na ho..

Thanks so much dear Shruti Budihal ...bilkul theek kaha aapney..

Aditi Ahuja yes di! Please don't give up on yourself. Being sad and low on self esteem will always mask the door or window that is infront of you. You need to remive this mask and knock on it. U can still have a big name and your own money. U will have to start from scratch now i know which is not at all easy. I think now ur daughter has grown up and doing well. So you should think about starting up. You have so nice cooking skills. What more do u need to start? Jazba he hunar he aur sirf hosla chahiye even now u can start from ur previous career also, Aap to jaante ho, haar ke jitne waale ko sikandar kehte hen na.
Ur daughter will b inspired by you and draw a lot of strentgh From ur determination and strong will. She will inculcate same in her life too. Gradually she will support you and enciurage you. You will be glad to see how much more mature she will become by knly observing you. Di. Take a deep breath and move ahead! We are all here with you to witness and support this maha sangharsh of our top super momstar.

Thanks so much dear AMRITA MALLIK will definitely try..stay happy always

Aditi Ahuja i have no fear when i have so many friends here to support me. I ll definitely do something.

Aditi Ahuja di have you watched a movie named "ekees topon ki salaami" ? Please watch it. U ll laugh a lot and also get a nice take back message.

Aditi Ahuja baby what you are doing is priceless. You are such a good human being and mother no degrees or job or money define who you are. Nobody can get what you are as a person by any degree. You are lady who inspire us. Do not feel sad about anything. Your daughter must be proud of you as a mother and one day you will see it when she will turn into a beautiful lady and human being like you. 😘😘😘😘😘 Tim aise sochogi to Mere jaise Gadhi ka to fir ram Jane hoga hi kya 😝

Mrs Chhoker ✌👌👍👏

I second Mrs Chhoker . No name and fame can stand in front of you dear. We r proud that we know you. 😍😍😍Aditi Ahuja

Aditi Ahuja di u are actually already famous. We all know u so well. Aap already momstar ho. Sirf tv pe ana baki he!

Hats off to you dear Aditi Ahuja 😘 loads of hugs to you baby.;

Very well written dear. . AMRITA MALLIK

Thanks so much dear Mrs Chhoker Vidya Rathod and Jaya Tomar guys are so greatful that I know you all..

Priya Dubey thank u dear. Rashmi Choudhury i have been inspired by other mom's life experiences and from u as well and i have earned this positive attitude from here only. Not anywhere else here at bbc only.
Shruti Budihal sabse bada kaam toh wahi dhund nikalna he ki aapko kya divert kar sakta he aur busy rakh sakta he. Woh mil jaye toh adhi pareshaani dur ho jati he.
Kritz this me is completely different from the one who had entered the first trimester with a bag full of i securities and unanswerable questions

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