About 5 years ago, when i started going for obs and gyn rounds to the wards in medical college, I had decided to adopt a female child. Ofcourse i was scared of labour pains and i still am. At that time my racing mind had penned down a letter a for my adopted daughter. Please don't judge me for my thoughts at that time. I don't know what i was thinking.

SEE IT THROUGH MY EYES..............


To my most Anticipated Angel-face........

My darling daughter,


I know your soul is peacefully resting now or may be entertaining the almighty above. Hope u find my words in freshness of your spirit.

people say kids who haven't seen their parents are raised on this earth by god himself. But I am not sure if it is true, for if its true then I am liable to be punished for taking you away from god. So my child please forgive me for this sin, if it is, I have committed it unknowingly.

I haven’t seen your parents either. Finding you lonely in this world among others , I have decided to take you over to my place , not out of sympathy but with eyes that are empty, seeking to love and be loved.

You are not yet born but believe me , I have slept over nights dreaming about you. The many different ways that you could fill the void in my life with. My days would be bright and sunny with you and nights calm and cozy. You and me just together could rock the world each day as if it were a party day.

I know there would be times I cannot be with you but I dearly wish to be caressing you every moment that I spend on this earth. But you don’t have to worry for that, for mama would heir the best babysitter to look after you when am not around.; And I would spend all day-through working tirelessly and valiantly to just have a glimpse of my angelface once I return back home. Then I shall spend my nights cuddling you feeding you and changing your diapers. My eyes would shout not to shut down for they would miss your sight for that moment, yet they would reluctantly droop dreaming to see you walk………

With love;


Silly me. 🙆

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That's awesome

Awesome ❤️

Beautiful! You write so well girl!

Beautiful dear.

Beautifully written dear..

So beautiful ❤❤

Aww Amrita hope you adopt a little baby one day.

Rebecca Prakash yes i ll do so.

So beautiful!!..only a good soul like you can feel and write this..

Aditi Ahuja thank u di! I feel loved.

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