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I had to leave my job and shift to Bangalore . I was impressed the way he had tried to make me comfortable by enrolling me for the Environmental law program in National Law School Bangalore as I was always career oriented and assertive . So had something to fall back upon as I left my job !' It was a wonderful home coming to Bangalore and all his seniors and their families took great care of me . I joined Arghyam a Rohini and Nandan Nilikieni foundation a project officer and did studies and and work together !!

I learnt a lot while working there as my projects involved Water and Sanitation.i travelled places mostly interiors where ever I had my projects . The whole of Karnataka , Bihar , Orissa , a few in the north and many more such projects !

It is then that I learned how blessed we are .. Every day is a struggle for Women who walk long distances in search of water .. Water is so important! And also that water and Sanitation are inseparable!! How people form self help groups and found sustainable means of conserving water especially the drinking water !!

I somehow got through the Phd entrance in the National Law school and enrolled for it . That was one of the happiest day of my life as I was from a non legal background and it was a difficult interdisciplinary entry .. Environmental Law , where again I worked on Water especially the lakes of the Bangalore area and how law can help conserve these water bodies .

Soon days flew by and there was time for a change .. Yes we had to shift to Mumbai , the city of dreams .. Though I always loved Mumbai but was little sad leaving behind my Phd half done that too from a premier institute like NLS but again staying together for me was more important than anything else in this world ...

What say dears ??! How many of you have chosen staying together and choosing family over work ...when work demanded to stay away ??! Of course it's a tough decision !!

Note# in the picture a few of my colleagues in blore with Rohini Nilkeiani..and a picture during thefiekd visit to a small village in Bihar...

Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan Swati Upadhyay Neha Agarwal Aditi Ahuja Richa Chowdhary Neha Mani Mishra Anshu G Kritz AMRITA MALLIK Mrs Chhoker

Wow... so u never completed ur Phd ??? And also I want to know u always had ur name Kavita ?? What’s story behind Pooja ??? Wher were you put up in Bangalore?? Wish you were still here I would have come to meet you in any part of the city

Yes Richa Chowdhary wish I was there in Bangalore we could hv met !! We stayed in Nagarbhavi where you have National law school and Atomic Minerals Directorate as my hubby worked there ..
Actually Pooja is my pet name and was quite popular by this name so write both..
PhD I tried to go and stay n compete for 3 to 4 years kept going and givimg my presentations but at the last session had to stay ther for a few months which was not possible as Diva was small so I almost dropped it unless I start pursuing with them once again :-)

Wow all amazing experiences u r sharing ... I wanna know hw was ur experience in Delhi? For hw long were u here n whr did u work n stay? U simply having an amazing life dear...

Hey neha singhal thanks so much dear !! I worked with Synergy a biomedical waste Management firm.Since the hospital waste management rules were new many did not know about it and I had done my M.phil with a dissertation in it . Though I worked with Synergy I was suppose to closely work with IIT, Delhi Secretariat, DHS , Delhi medical Association , Central pollution Control board and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee ..A few NGOs and many more very high profile Organizations.. I worked for 5. years in Delhi and had an amazing experience as was loved by all in the office and the same circle from these Organizations would be there in the conferences and was well appreciated as they treated me as a knowledgeable kid ...☺️☺️
I stayed in Lajpat Nagar and my land lady stayed in the second floor and me the third...they all were family to me and loved to me to the core !! So overall was an amazing experience in Delhi too and I just maintained work and then home ..dint go out much...

Kavita Sahany I worked in Delhi with the drugs control department and stayed in saket. Loved visiting lajpat for shopping😅... I got a transfer to Chennai and just got married last year June. I like you..felt that we needed to stay together and resigned by job though I got a transfer to Bangalore. Yes I miss the job but was really worth it..
I appreciate what you did! And wow... Your work credentials speak a lot! You must pursue it.. You could make a difference....

Amazing work life experiences! Surprising na.... how destiny can play with us!

Seriously dear AMRITA MALLIK ..but all these exposures teach you so much ! You know you are so so blessed!!

That's so wonderfulSmitha Prabhav !! So agree with you ..😘😘

Wow..such nice experience you had and I always say life is just like a chess board with us on one side and God playing on the other guess who wins always..check mate hi ho jaataa hai aksar..a point comes in our lives after all that we have achieved that we need to sometimes slowdown..look at things from family angle.. spouse's angle and my take is that if you are happy doing and being what you are..that's enough..aakhir to karma hi saath jaana hai.. not anything else..

Aditi Ahuja great thoughts. Humesha hum hi kyun checkmate hote hen!? Kabhi kabhi God ko bhi hona chahiye checkmate. Unko bhi kabhi kabhi chhut deke khelna chahiye na!

That's so true dear Aditi Ahuja 😘

Hey AMRITA MALLIK hota hai Na kabhi kabhi ..he comes to be one of us in the form of Ram and also goes to Banwas and feels how we feel !!

Kavita Sahany 😇😇🤔🤔

Kavita Sahany dii it's simply wow.. dii hw u managed work, marriage nd baby..

Thanks so much dear Shruti Budihal 💐💐😘

Kya Kare dear AMRITA MALLIK kaash aisa hota!!

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