Let it be a Myths are Truths..!!!!!

Tomorrow is solar eclipse, so Dear mom's don't go outside and be sure the rays during eclipse should not enter surrounding you.

Timing: 1:32 PM to 5:00PM

Date: 11th Aug 2018


1.Dont go outside

2.Dont see sun directly , for others but pregnant women should not see at all.

3.Dont eat anything during eclipse period.

For more details check below link

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We can't see the eclipse in India

Eclipse is not in India

Hello Saanvi, these are are myths, i would say dont believe them

But at least for our elders saying we should Fallow ryt

C that only there partial eclipse

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It is not in India

Are There Any Adverse Effects Of A Pregnant Woman Stepping Out During An Eclipse?

Yes don't go during that period advice

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