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Everything happened so fast that dint have much time to think and absorb what's happening in life ... So finally we were in Mumbai and I had decided to complete the Phd by flying to Bangalore as and when required . Had got a good offer in Mumbai and was planning to join .

One fine day just after a month after we reached Mumbai and were busy settling down ,I discovered that I was expecting...

After taking the test in the morning we sat quite for 15 minutes not knowing what to do.. Then finally he came up and sat beside and said So... congratulations!! I was like puzzled how to handle all this together new job , new city , new phase of life ... Totally confused... He said hojayega don't worry .. The next week I remember he was suppose to go to Australia and we were discussing if we should tell home ( both our parents about this good news immediately or after he comes back from his trip ) since he was going for two months and if I Could manage alone .. He said its too early as it's just a month and we can share the news after he returns ... I said excuse me .. You are going out and would come back after 2 months and say that your wife is 3 months pregnant.. Ha ha ... Sounds so funny ... Please update them and go ...lol how much we laughed that day !!'

So finally he left and I was always confident that I could manage alone but I was absolutely wrong !! The hormones had started playing and Morning sickness was horrible .. Every hour I used to eat to vomit and they again try to eat something .. My mom joined me soon and took care of me ., I had so severe nausea that it was difficult for me to go out to work .. I had taken leave for a few days initially . Then gradually it was discovered that I had low lying placenta so I had bed rest . Thus I finally left my job . Dev was back and as usual took good care of me . It was a big change in my life suddenly house arrest from a free flying bird . It was difficult to cope with all these changes ..

I tried my best to handle this phase of my life !! I listened to good music , chanted Mantras like the Mahamrutunjaya mantra and Hanuman Chalisa and often listened to the talks of Sister Shivani , Read Good books and kept myself occupied .. Did some consultancy too , work from home for a few organizations I knew earlier as could not afford to sit idle !!

My mom used to make frequent visits during those days .. I owe her a lot for this ..

Every visit to the doctor we thought the placenta would move but No it was always low lying .. I had started putting on lot of weight by now .. One day while lying down I discovered that my vision was blur ... So went to an Ophthalmologist and got the sight checked. Ultimately it was discovered that it was due to the high blood pressure that pressed the optic nerve .. So the Bp medicines started and then we were asked to measure the pressure every day.

The due date was fast approaching and in the last scan it was reported placenta acreta along with Placenta Previa...

Too much of Google and over inquisitiveness can further increase your blood pressure is something that I can advise all you Mommies ..

What ever is ought to happen will surely happen.. So don't think so much about it and trust in God ...

I enjoyed putting on weight as there was no option left for exercise as it was a total bed rest ..I gained almost 25 kgs and by full term I was 75 kgs :-)

We decided to go for a C Section and the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashmi my Darling Diva was born.. We were ready with our cord blood banking kit as the date approached .The doctor had taken all precautions for placenta acreta too and had asked us to arrange blood and be prepared for another surgery If required .. Again My darling brother was here to do his duties as he thought achanak agar O positive blood chahiye and not available then ??

In the evening around 8 they took me to the OT and my darling was born.. A beautiful Diva eyes like Durga Maa... Bright and shining .. I was taken to the recovery room and after I was fine I could see my bundle of Joy!! The doctor said the baby pulled the placenta out so tactfully that made it easy for them !' That was a miracle !!

How many of you have experienced such miracles ?? Be it a small one or a big one miracles do happen right ?!

And that happens only due to our Will power, staying positive , good deeds and faith in God !'

Note : a few clicks of me around 6 months , then my Diva with her great grand parents and my mom in law in one picture ..And one is of her 9 th bday last year..time flies isn't it ??

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Mrs Chhoker Bhavna Anadkat Sania Bhushan @

I am speechless! That this pampered woman had so much strength in her. Amazing. 👏👏👏👏

Thanks so much AMRITA MALLIK ...💐😘

Lovely.. u r super strong.. I too had low placenta during first pregnancy and my doc missed reading that and she went on a month leave... when she came back I went for checkup and she told oh she missed seeing the details and now she will put stitch now.. don’t know Wat went wrong after stitch tat membranes got ruptured and water level went zero and I was forced to terminate the pregnancy... but like your rightly said faith in god I was blessed with my son later next year

That's so sad dear Richa Chowdhary ...True with faith good things happen soon ...stay blessed😘

Wow. u r strong,u handle every situation.👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😘😘

Thanks so much dear Durga Salvi 😘

It's amazing how you took such a difficult situation sportingly..and came out victorious..God bless your Diva..she is adorable!!

Thanks so much my dear Aditi Ahuja ...!💐

Super duper hit👌

Thanks dear Karishma Agrawal ☺️💐💐

What a story kavita!! Never knew all of this! Thank to the tale over, came to know so much about you1

Thanks so much dear Khushboo Chouhan !!☺️💐

Kavita Sahany u r so super strong. My gosh.. with faith we can do lots of things which we would not have thot we can do... Hats off.; Standing ovation . Kudos to u.. I'm sure looKing at her such a super wonder woman mommy ur baby would also get so inspired from u...
Today got to know u so much better.. u deserve all the happiness, joy and love in the world..;

Thanks so much dear Kritz !!☺️😘

Your post made me restore my faith in miracles. Thank you

My pleasure@priya Sood 😘

Kavita Sahany please tell us more about ur cord blood banking experience. How u finalised on the company? And y u decided to go for it?

Hey dear we decided reliance life science Relicord as hubby worked in Ril plus there were not much options 10 years back..also they facilitated the process for us ..in fact Dev had visited the facility 2 years back to just have a look and also saw how ours was preserved ..
Check the customer service. , Convenience and proximity , time frame ...

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