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Section :6 and final one :-)
So my darling is born and the world changes completely!! By now I was becoming more and more emotional towards the baby .
My mom was still with me taking care of me . Least did I think about weight loss or anything else .. I was just focusing on my Baby and exclusive breastfeeding !!
I never liked unhealthy food always took healthy food that too in less quantities. Not just these days but today and always !
Fruits , milk and nuts was always in my diet . For 7 months I had gone for exclusive breast feeding and that helped me lose a lot of weight . Already lost almost 15 Kgs of 25 Kgs by just feeding !'
Baki bacha 10 Kgs ye bhi hojayega :-)
I started walking for 10 minutes first then 20 minutes then increased it to 30 mins per day . There was not much change in diet I made as oily stuff I never liked. I loved cooking always and also a foodie but I don't over eat and that's what I would like to advise everyone . Always eat as if there is some space left in your stomach :-)
I Also started little bit of yoga on my own and kept feeding till 1.5 years . That further reduced my weight and soon I was back to my shape And old clothes started fitting me !
Also another thing I wanted to add here is that I never had a fulltime maid and did almost the baby's job myself .. Most of the neighbors and friends used to ask how did u reduce , I used to say Running behind the baby :-)
Diva was not a naughty child but yes she was active and honestly if you decide to do the regular work of your child starting from potty to bath to feeding to playing you automatically reduce !!
I wish I had a Babychakra then to ask questions as there used to be lots of doubts :-)
Gradually Diva grew up and I never thought of joining full time owing to the travel in Mumbai which is truly hectic ! Tgough I used to Bangalore often for my presentations but did not work out ..I see my happiness in my family now . Small things also make me happy like a new flower in my garden , a new dish I make or my Diva getting 20/20 in maths or even our neighbors new baby :-)Dev was transformed from a living romantic husband to a dutiful father who loves to spend time with the kid..He is the one takes Divas padhai and she is good at it ..I anyways don't like any tension wala job .lol 😊😊
Happiness is within you , you don't have to search for it !! Also take some time to make yourself happy too not just others !!why wait for someone else to come and buy you happiness you can do it yourself right ??
Love yourself and you will be able to love the whole World !! An empty cup cannot pour isn't it ???
So finally Signing off this mommytakeover !!
It was an amazing experience as I recalled so many memories which I had almost forgotten , a big thanks to Babychakra and Priya Sood and Khushboo Chouhan for it ! Neha Agarwal you are the one who brought me to Babychakra so thanks much and miss u loads !
Love you all and always feel free to ping anytime . It will be my pleasure being with you all !!its a family now .Thanks so much for being with me the entire day . Felt like a celebrity with all your compliments !
Have a great weekend , a happy one !!💐💐
Note : one picture in my full term and the first one when Diva was 11. Months .

Kavita Sahany

Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan Aditi Ahuja Richa Chowdhary Mrs Chhoker AMRITA MALLIK
Anshu Gupta Vidya Rathod Revauthi Rajamani Taheseen Asif Sania Bhushan Sowmya Prithvi (sonu)Neha Mani MishraBhavna Anadkat Madhavi Cholera
Madhavi CholeraKritz Priya Dubey

Swati upadhyay

beautifully written!

Taheseen Asif

Loved all your post

Kavita Sahany

Thanks so much Swati Upadhyay 💐💐

Kavita Sahany

Taheseen Asif thanks so much dear 😘


Awesome sign off. I also believe in it that to make others happy first i have to be happy myself. Yes empty cup can't pour ever.
So what are your plans about your career now since diva is all grown up!?

Kavita Sahany

Thanks dear AMRITA MALLIK !!☺️
Not planning to join full-time right now..I work as a consultant as and when required bit honestly no mood to join full-time in Mumbai atleast as travelling will be too hectic and some day I will finish my PhD for sure ☺️☺️

Mrs. Chhoker

Your takeover was like you are showing us your personality or yourself as a person . Take your any pic and you can guess what type of person you are,your body language shows about you so much. I am also trying to be a happy soul like you God only knows when will I succeed but I have starting taking steps towards my happiness. You inspire me a lot Kavita. Love you 😘😘😘😘😘 Aditi Ahuja hum dono ko Kavita ke peeche peeche Chalane ki jarurat h so that we can also get positivity she got 😋. I wish till adhi will be 10 I can also be a free soul.

Richa Chowdhary

Loved your take over... so good to know more about you...

Kavita Sahany

Mrs Chhoker .. thanks so much dear !! Love you too !! Arey Aisa nahi hai ji...app aur Aditi Ahuja both are wonderful people ..I admire you a lot !!💐💐

Kavita Sahany

Richa Chowdhary thanks so much dear ..will meet someday personally for sure 😘😘

Priya Dubey

I like ur style ur positive energy ur family love and loved ur take over... sweetly written...stay blessed diva

Kavita Sahany

Thanks so much dear Priya Dubey !!😘😘

Vidhi Joshi

Loved reading your takeover,
Even i got motivated from you for postpartum weight loss
I hope i also come back to shape again...... :) :)

Kavita Sahany

Thanks so much dear Vidhi Joshi !! I am sure you will 😘

Aditi Ahuja

Great ending dear..so positive..loved your weight less journey..and agree about how we need to live in the moment..and be satisfied with what life has given us..many don't have even this..

Aditi Ahuja

You know dear Mrs Chhoker I didn't even know Kavita well when I saw her posts.. pictures and found them very positive and inspiring... I always tell her that I love your attitude towards life..I also love your bindaas nature dear Mrs Chhoker sure we need to follow her recipe of being happy!!

Karishma Agrawal

Finally done...I read ur all session ...u lived a successful journey...good daughter good student good employee good wife n now a BEST mom....

Kavita Sahany

Thanks so much Karishma Agrawal !! I m so touched ☺️😘

Kavita Sahany

Aditi Ahuja love you so much !! That's all I can say 😘😘

Aditi Ahuja

Love you too dear!!..

Kavita Sahany


Madhavi Cholera

i loved your all posts dear ! superb takeover! so positive thinking & written everything so beautifully!

Kavita Sahany

Thanks so much dear Madhavi Cholera ☺️☺️

Priya Sood

Kavita, I'm so happy you did the take over. I really enjoyed it.

Kavita Sahany

All credits to you Priya Sood !! Thanks for the motivation and encouragement!!

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