even sleeping makes me tired too😖

Awwww dear... 😕 Seriously pregnancy can do funny things to us for sure..

Kritz right is your pain??

Mrng it's les but as night falls it starts aching badly..

Do u get sleep??? Nitika Chopra

Kritz take care of urs..ask doc why this is happening..

She said it happens for some n asked me to apply relief spray or volini... N consume more fluids..

Kritz i did sleep but just 2-3hours..I don’t know i am going through mixed feelings right now..when i sleep I don’t feel much any moments rather than while sitting..the feeling is same like trimester 1st..

Nitika Chopra guess it's the hormones playing around. Yesterday me to din get sleep till about 2 n by 6 I'm already awake..

Kritz yes me too feeling the same..3rd trimester is really going to be tough in terms of everything..

Fingers crossed dear.. 🤞guess il have to start work from home soon if this continues...

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