NOT Tired of being a tired MOMMY.

Batul is such a wonderful baby and has filled our lives with such happiness and love. Her dad never wanted kids so soon in the first place and i insisted on having one ever since we completed a year.

And there! almighty blessed us with her but there! i have been all in all in such a terrible state. Some people have been a helping pillar while many have bombabarded with suggestions and comments etx making me go even more insane.

It's been crazy and its getting crazier.

While everyone seems to be settling down with their babies in feeding and sleeping schedules here i am still trying to understand why does she need milk every other hour and how much more will i have to feed so tht we can avoid fm.

This is not a complain of me being fed up of being a failure at so many things but a way of letting my inner self throw up whats inside boiling and making my life miserable.

I am tired of looking miserable, feeling miserable and even more not being able to share happiness and give positivity to my lo. My lil lo who is such a precious soul, such a big blessing, such a lovely lil cute dolly that i am not caring enough for.

But here is also a mother who has finally decided Dear lord! That i won't give up on trying and trying and trying whether i reach there or no. I have also realised thats there would always be certain things in life which would never be in our control no matter how hard we tried to get it. And so i have convinced myself so what if my baby has to be fed fm a few times a day atleast i am doing better than before and that bf or fm it doesn't make me less of a mother. How will i be able to cope with other challenges of motherhood if all i keep stressing myself about is why my bm is not enough? And why and how i have to reach there! NO!! I don't want to reach anywhere all i want is to be the best i can even if it meant i am not enough all at once.

So here we are as a family taking it slow and steady and not all at once.! We are loving each day once and trying not to fret over everything each day!

Good going Momma! Stay strong n stay positive!
My son is now 7 months.. first 3 months were a Nightmare for me too. I had to keep feeding him every other hour.. so my MIL ,Hubby even my own mum said u don't have enough milk. Don't listen to the world if ur babies pee n poo diaper count is okay.n weight gain is fine. Drink lots of water. That's the only Rule
Just when I thought he was getting settled.. teething came in.. all the schedule was thrown out of the window.. But..u still wanna work really hard n exceed the limits jus cz of ur Lil one. That's motherhood. That's the beauty of it. :)

You are such a strong mum,even i was not able to produce enough milk,i gave up after 2 months but for baby bm is best so i m struggling again pumping every two hours as she irritate when i bf her,having medicines ,zeera.but still very low bm.
Trying so hard.hope very soon my problem also settle down.

That's my girl ful of positivity😘. Atleast you get this point on time otherwise it takes years to understand this choti c baat"happy parent make happy kid". I have gone through same and was a fool to always blaming myself and making the condition worse but thank God you realise it at right time.

Hugs to you Nilofer!! you are so so strong, and it post shows that you are so positive!! Hugs to you!

Priya Sood asha chaudhry Rebecca Prakash Parul Johari veda @vidhya rathod Neeta Shetty Renuka Pillai

Agree every bit girls Mrs Chhoker Humera Mehtab Nikki T . I have been going crazy even with docs saying bm is always enough and its only in our minds. But all in all i have realized as a mother we are the best judge. I cant just keep feeding feeding and drain myself and the baby day after day. I tried doing even that but i only became more miserable and frustrated. And no i dint lack patience i genuinely lacked ENOUGH MILK. From jeera to shatavari powder these do help but only to keep bm flowing and the increase isn't significant. its going to be 2.5months but i still am struggling with bm issues and hence i will try try and try but not exert myself to the point where i become incapable of even being happy about motherhood in the race for bf.

Mrs.Aaisha Sarwar

You are doing an amazing job, yes the sleepless nights, nipple pain, back ache, zombie 🧟‍♂️ mornings are terrible I say but worth it to see the healthy baby. Hold on and you will get it there.

Some thing are not in our hands Nilo..all we can do is keep trying..
I m again standing from where I started..
Am not even getting few drops of milk..iraj has stopped latching..

Good going dear.. motherhood is never easy..only phases and age of baby changes..some or the other thing will always make you feel challenged..will send you on guilt trip..will make you feel crazy that I am a failure in this or that..but remember that there are no rules in are so strong and I am sure like every mom you must be doing best of your best ..don't worry about anything.. whatever you are doing already is enough and fine..

This is inspiring and motivating me to b strong when the time comes for me.thank you so much for sharing such true personal life experiences.

Hugs to u nilo. U r doing good always and a beautiful mom of precious soul.

Hugs to u nilo. U r doing good always and a beautiful mom of precious soul.

Keep going dear. You are rocking. You are doing your best .

That's the spirit. Never stop trying. It's ok giving formula end of the day our baby's stomach should fill somehow. Even I heard the same from doctor that bm will be sufficient but why my baby is demanding for every other hour was my question. So I have decided to give one top feed n the rest of the day bm.

Good going Nilofer shaikh you are such a wonderful lady and mom also

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