Sacrifice vs satisfaction

Mother earth and mother nature are the greatest epitomes of sacrifice in every organism's life cycle that populates this planet. Every orgnaism that embodies life is grateful to mother earth, mother nature and to the almighty for that. Each organism has to struggle its way to survive and thereafter give back to both mother earth and nature at the end of the life cycle whatever was their's. Yet both of them are so indifferent towards what they give and take. Every single atom of them is an embodiment of sacrifice and sacrifice alone. So what gives them the satisfaction to go on and on endlessly for eternity? Why doesn't the planet come crushing down on us wiping us all off one fine day? Only to be a witness to the play of creation is their satisfaction. Yes, they do bring destruction and havoc in the form of calamities but only to recreate. Creation-nourishment-destruction-recreation is the dynamic cycle driving all the inevitable changes around us.

God has gifted us females with this dynamic power to run this cycle just like mother earth and mother nature endlessly untill eternity.what is this power? It is nothing but the ability to sacrifice. He packed every cell of the female body with unlimited power to sacrifice. Only then it is possible that a female gives birth to life, with every cell of her body and soul contributing in the creation. So, motherly instincts are inherent in us from the day we were concieved in our mother's wombs. But the greatest rule of sacrifice is that it never demands a pay back.

Unlike mother earth and mother nature we are humans first, hence we have all rights to have expectations too. Being content with whatever we have achieved in life will keep us peaceful and stressfree leading us to a better day to day healthy lifestyle. But is contentment equal to satisfaction? Ask yourself, what makes you content and happy? And what gives you the sense of satisfaction, i.e. the sense of being alive?

I asked these questions to myself. It took me quiet long to realise and find the answers by myself. I am sharing it with you here. Please do share your answers with me too. After all sharing is caring 😂😂😂

To me at this point of time in my life contentment is this phase of motherhood that am going through and will go through in the near future. It is the fulfillment of a purpose of the soul that inhabits and drives this body of mine. My success as a mother will complete one dynamic cycle only after the recreation embodies itself into the bundle of joy in my arms. My gift of joy given to me by God through me only.

My sacrifice is my contentment. And for this sacrifice to survive as contentment forever I have to be aware of my expectations. My expectations must never ever overpower my contentment or my this joy of sacrifice. And for my expectations to be under my control I have to create satisfaction within myself. This satisfaction shall come from the fulfillment of a purpose of the soul that inhabits and drives my mind. Both sacrifice and satisfaction demand efforts. Sacrificing as a mother comes easy to us because we are designed so physically. But creating satisfaction within is a bit more difficult as power of the human mind or brain is the same for all men and women. Satisfaction has to be earned and earned enough to overpower the emotion of expectation especially from my bundle of joy. Only if I am satisfied and feel fulfilled in my mind I can keep the contentment of sacrifice alive for long. The day I start expecting from my child the contentment will be over. So, once I am content with my recreation, I will have to nourish it with my sense of satisfaction in order make this journey harmonious and joyful till the end of my living.

I feel I can earn this sense of satisfaction only by following my passions. So I pledge never to sacrifice my passion.

What is your pledge for satisfaction?

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Very nice post!!!same here follow your dreams the only way to get full satisfaction

Nitika Chopra it was actually a deeper dealing of pregnancy vs career which ended up this way.

AMRITA MALLIK ur brain is running like a marathon and u r utilising at its many emotions inside u and how beautifully u express them..there is a hidden blogger inside u🤩😊

Nitika Chopra this comes only sometimes dear. Not always. Most of the time i find myself at loss of words to express. I guess partial insomnia is doing this to me.

Hahaha more sleepless nights ahead!!i wonder what will be the next thought u will share😊

Nitika Chopra even i don't know!😃😃

Beautifully expressed's a dilemma many of us go through..after working very hard to achieve something.. letting it go is not easy...materialism comes in between..desires..dreams too..but I think it's prioritization of what is important when in life combined with our circumstances which make us decide on things.. not regretting our decisions and being happy and contented with the work almighty has given us to do is what can keep us peaceful from inside and happy too..that's my take on this..

That's lovely dear !!

Aditi Ahuja ofcourse prioritization is the key in every situation. Yet, hope keeps things alive to be achieved some day sooner or later.

Awesome.. written it such beautifully.. it's the most common dilemma I guess that the office going moms face..Here we are before the baby on a certain career path n to got to that we have gone thru a lot of hard work n sacrifices n then leaving it or not to leave becomes a very difficult decision... But guess at this juncture in life we definitely tend to become a lil more biased and prioritize our babyafter all its something that we have created and it's ours.. this power to sacrifice given to us women by God himself.. n guess when he is there with us guiding us n writing our destiny n path we should trust him n be peaceful n happy..

Kritz absolutely! Zyada sochke age k baare me koi fayda bhi nahi

AMRITA MALLIK u pour it with all ur emotions...that's a very difficult situation for a lady to choose..and no one can understand about how we deal it's our inner power which drives us.keep going..🌻

Rashmi Choudhury yes dear! Pregnancy unleashes this hidden power house. Jiske baare me humen khud bhi nahi pata hota he. Thats when the mother is born !

AMRITA MALLIK absolutely true...I too feel that..I invented myself again being a mother...

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