#toddlerfood My daughter eats two eggs as the evening snack daily, irrespective of the season. 👍👧🏻🍳🥚



We mostly feed her the white part with some little bites of the yolk in between. This is extremely easy to feed and can also be taken while travelling. ✅👍



Infact, this is the easiest food that we can get when we are on the go. Eggs have innumerable benefits:

✅Rich source of protein which can regulate and maintain a child’s weight

✅it is also an option to reduce sugar intake

✅excellent source of iron, protein, fat, vitamin A,D,E and B12 and choline

It's difficult to make my kiddo eat this..but I try..

Super healthy snacks . And yes : def easier to carry than most other snacks available in market.

Great going Neha.. my boys enjoy it in the breakfast

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