Why so much buzz is going over regarding feeding if sugar & salt to little ones? Permissible level of additives doesn't do any harm as per my opinion..

Below 1 yr is a different case but even for kids little older this is been following.. Am I thinking something wrong here? I give sugar and salt for my 2yr lo but in limited quantity.

Don't u think completely depriving them with sugar and salt will b problem in future? Glucose levels and salt content levels in the body are to be maintained right?

Dunno much technical knowledge but just wanted to know ur opinions mommies..

i was told by all in the family not to give any salt at all. less salt, less spice. wasn't sure why

I did maintain no sugar n salt for 1 yr.. that started giving salt n sugar..... am sure without salt the taste of any food will be blank..

i also give in moderation for my son. overall we avoid sugary or salty iteams. for my younger one.. no salt sugar or cow milk as yet.

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