My almost 3 year old son has recently gone off diapers but frequently is seen adjusting his shorts. i checked and no signs of rash. but i wonder why and how to fix this. size seems fine.

may be He is missing his diaper..

but im not missing it :). seriously not sure why he does that

diapers r usually very fitting. shorts seem to be loosely put over thigh/ bum area. children seem to feel the change, and have the tendency to make adjustments to feel comfortable. was he always in diaper? my kids r in diapers for few hours- when they r in day care, and rest in pajamas/ shorts, they had that tendency during the initial months when they were in bloomers.

Priya Kavneet is daughter when went off d diapers at 2 used to do the same...she found d feel of the cloth on the skin wired for a long time... bit within a few months liked the cloth feel

thanks moms! so reassuring :)

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