my baby was very fair when she was born..soon after birth she was on phototherapy for treatment of her complexion has become quite dark...i use himalaya baby massage oil for to improve her complexion

Hi Abhilasha, don't worry complexion is coded in her genes - whatever she is born with will bounce back. Normal skin care is good enough. As long as she is feeding and sleeping well, nothing else will be a problem at that age :-) PS: I used Himalaya baby massage oil too for my baby, it is good :-)

thanks Rhituparna

Yeah agree with Rhitu. Just let her complexion develop on its own. Fair or dusky whatever it is. I am dusky and I am proud of my color!!

Hi Abhilasha if you don't mind I recommend virgin coconut oil for baby massage and I am also using the same for her strengthen as well as for complexion and it really works.. use max care virgin coconut oil if you want..
Coconut oil is available in the market in two forms – virgin coconut oil, and the commercial coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil is the purest form of the oil. It is not processed. Hence, it ranks higher on the benefits. And it comes with almost no side effects. But the commercial coconut oil (which most of us use, possibly) is the processed variant. It does have certain side effects.;

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