Hello,everyone,my girl is 4 months old and she born with a fair skin but she becoming darker,plz suggest me a good badywash and moisturiser and face powder as well

Thank u

a baby changes complexion atlesst 3-4 times in his first birth year. dont worry. baby will get the complexion that he has got from his family. ni need to apply any special oil or cream or powder.

u can use rustic art or sebamed, cetaphil or himlaya baby products

Hi Priyanka. congrats on new arrival. as Harneet said let the baby be and don't try and do anything. let the skin color take its natural course. I feel all skin colors are beautiful in their own way. does the color change who we are as a person? no right? so work on child's development and what they grow up to become as a human being. wish u all luck :)

hi ,baby color no need to worry.I m also faced same problem.
olive oil gv Gud result..

Thank u harneet,neha and swati for ur valuable suggestions

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