hi my baby is 9 weeks old i try to pump n bottle feed him bt he refuse to take . i guess nipple difference i want to get back to work how to bottle feed him

Hi Bhavika. Pls check the size/ number of nipple holes. Which brand are u using?

i dont knw the size bt the regular one thinner bottles

try canola nipple and bottle from medela. it replicates the same suction properties which are at action when directly fed

Use Philips Avent bottles& Avent Nipple size 1. Bottles are made of top quality plastic. Easy to sterilize. Nipples are anti-colic.

Keep trying..Once he tastes it he will accept it. my daughter did the same and then after initial no, she took it. You must keep patience and when he is very hungry let somebody else offer him bottle, since babies smell mother's breast and then become reluctant.

Pigeon bottles have different nipple sizes too! Medium flow, fast flow etc

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