Does not this picture look horrible? Someone trying to force feed the human though he doesn't want to. Back in olden days force feeding was considered as punishment, Imagine someone forcing you to have food though you are not hungry.. How do you feel?

Now let's talk about " Force Feeding" the baby, How many of us decide 1 cup of rice is how much the baby should eat? By hook or by crook we feed the entire bowl. By either distract feeding or by force feeding.. Force feeding is our culture; " Aur thoda?" We are always kept 1 puri or 1 dosa extra by our moms though we keep saying we are full. We end up eating that and this is considered to be love for us. But actually it isn't.. "Feeding our baby to their hunger is love ", this way we are teaching our kids to eat only when they are hungry and not when they are upset, angry, bored etc.

We are asked to respect baby's hunger right from the beginning and that is why " Feed on demand " concept came in. We feed the baby only when they are hungry and give cues but why don't we follow it when give solids? Imagine someone keeps bringing the spoon in front of you with the food though you don't want to eat? Respect the baby. Let's not decide what is the correct quantity for the baby. Force feeding will bring aversion towards food as they grow.. When the baby turns its head away from the spoon stop right there, Try offering after few minutes if they still turn their face or push the spoon away please stop right there.

I don't distract feed or force feed Atarah, We are particular about her way of eating and we stop the moment she pushes the spoon. She is a moderate eater and I'm sure she will never over eat. I have also written a post on distracted feeding, attaching the link here.

>http://app.babychakra.com/feedpost/51848?ref=Re 22625&c=app_share&pid=android_consumer&

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This is so practical and we always need to keep this in mind.. bookmarking

Totally agreed with your point. I have seen so many articles and posts regd force feeding. I even think that i should not force feed my baby. Think of a mom frustrated with so many rejections from the morning, is also horrible. Today from morning my DD dint even have a spoon or two. Got frustrated and force fed her. Suddenly when she cried, I realised and stopped feeding her forcefully. I was pushed to that situation. I dint mean to do it. Just under frustration.

I totally agree with ur post, since I started giving semi solid to Rajveer, I never give him toy or screen time to eat food. I want him to enjoy food not to runaway. I respect his preference and also the quantity he wanna eat. I never force feed n that is what even my doctor suggested. He said they should get that satisfaction feeling after eating or drinking water like we get after having water when we r extremely thirsty. force feeding is actually a punishment, I have seen kid puking after being fed due to over feeding. Let ur child decide how much is enough.

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Aiswarya Balu till 1 year breast milk or formula milk will be the main source of nutrition, Solids are complimentary and given only to get exposed to flavours, smell and texture. It's okay if the baby is not having meals but never force-feed. Understand this baby will eat or drink when it's hungry, they are so smart that's why we chose feed on demand during their early days.

Hi moms , dr suggested my 4 month baby to start solid

Bt he is crying at time of feeding, bt he didn't split up

Shall I continue feed him

Anupa bhoir I'm sorry to say this but you got to change the paediatrician right away. No solids till 6 months, by giving solids you are disturbing baby is digestive system. Continue feeding breast milk or formula milk.

I completely agree and very well explained!!... specially when kids are unwell and still sometimes people want them to eat well how is my question..when we are sick with fever and sore throat and having medication..do we like to eat?..

Wow.. Thanks a lot for this post.. Its helpful and just in time

Excellent post👍👍And just in time. Will be starting semi solids soon , will keep these points in mind

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