Hi!! I am 28weeks pragnant, can I eat mango, elders say mango are not good in pragnancy?? plz suggest

You can consult your gynecologist or ask the experts here. I ate mangoes all through my pregnancy. That was the only fruit I liked and could digest well. However, I ate in moderation- a little portion each day.

okzz ty charu

You can eat once a while in moderation.

Whole fruits (seasonal and local) are always good.

ty Rhituparna

everything if taken in moderation is ok. but still to be on the safer side do consult ur gyno. i had jackfruit, mango, date, chickoo and papaya too, aftr consultation of my gyno.

ty harneet i consulted my gyno nd nw m enjoying mangoes

grt to know that.

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