Carrot Coin Finger Food for Baby

Hi moms,

Try this finger food for 8 month above baby

It's super hit recipe for snack time


1 medium size carrot

2 tbsp besan

1 tbsp rice flour

Pinch of pepper

Ghee to roast


Grate carrot finely.

Mix grated carrot, besan, rice flour, pepper well.

You can add little bit water to make it perfect dough.

Heat a pan add ghee 1 tbsp keep gas flame in medium.

Then put these carrot coins and roast both sides for 5 min.

Crispy carrot coin is ready for your little one.

Note- you can add salt above 1 year baby.

#kiddykitchen #babyfoodrecipe

Looks delicious😍😍

Definitely trying, even if Athu rejects I'm gonna eat.

I was looking for something lik this. Please share some more recipes

Rebecca Prakash sure I too did that

Looks tasty! Going to try this super food

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