Good Morning lovelies!

I have been reading a lot of posts on belly reduction and weight loss after pregnancy.

So I thought why not dish out a few tips which worked like a charm for me in reducing my weight post delivery.

I was 73 on the day I delivered and I came back to 58 by the 7 month. Seems unachievable? Trust me it's not.

Here a are some important points to follow:

1) Breastfeed from the day one. Unless there is some issue which is preventing you from doing so, bf exclusively works like a charm to reduce weight. It burns calories like a machine. Hence the more you bf the better it is for you. But don't forget to keep yourself well hydrated because there are chances of dehydration.

2) Get ample rest in the first 40 days or so. And by that I don't mean keep lying down on the bed and not move a muscle. Walk around a bit in the house to keep the blood circulation going. But please don't think about your bulging out of shape belly just yet. Be kind to yourself. 9 months is a lot of effort on the body.

3) Do deep breathing, kegels, heel slides, wrist rotations, feet rotations, neck rotations and shoulder rotations everyday as much as you feel comfortable. This will keep the niggling aches and pains at bay that come with constant sitting due to BF.

4) Once you complete 3 months start walking. Begin with 15 minutes and depending on your comfort increase it to 30 minutes twice a day. But don't keep it high intensity to start with. Your joints are just recovering from a hormonal party inside your body so you might experience more pain with all that jerkiness.

5) Complement your walking with calf raises and leg raises everyday. Do 3 sets of 10 each 2 to 3 days a day or as you feel comfortable. This will help in making your quads, knees, ankles stronger which will in turn prevent knee pains while you walk.

6) After about 30 days of walking or later depending on how comfortable you feel introduce 1 kg weights or 1 ltr water bottles in your walk. Do a combination of lateral arm raises, arm circles, front arm raises and controlled boxing move with your walk. Don't forget to keep breathing throughout.

7) Here is THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT. Look at what you are eating. We mostly eat more than what we need. Even when you are bf your body needs only 500 calories per baby to create enough nutrition. So that makes it 2500 calorie diet as compared to the regular 1800 to 2000 calories your body needs generally if you are a female with  medium activity. What are calories? They are nothing but energy. Anything you eat is eventually broken down into energy and calorie is just a unit to measure that. Like kg or litre. So don't think that avoiding calories will reduce weight. You will have to avoid food altogether for that!

So how do you count every calorie you eat? You can't. So here is a trick that works for me. Have something small every 2 to 3 hours. This would amount 6 to 7 meals in the day. And reduce the portion of every meal by a third. Include everything in your diet. Milk, eggs, green leafy veggies, cereals, pulses, fruits, dry fruits, veggies of all colours and plenty of water.  

6 small meals mean- 3 meals plus 3 snacks.

Snacks include dry fruits, sprouts, ragi buttermilk, any fruits, half a glass of milk .

Here is how my daily meal would look like:

8 am glass of milk with 2 spoons proteinex. 10 am any breakfast like a double egg omelette or a bowl of poha, or 2 idlis with sambhar, 2 dosas with chutney for eg. 12 pm any fruit, ragi porridge, cup of sprouts, few dry fruits, 3 to 4 threptin biscuits. 2 pm lunch- dal, rice, curry, curd (have one third of what you usually have if you want to reduce weight ) 5pm any snack. Between 7 to 8 have dinner same as lunch. Before sleeping a glass of milk. Vary the timings as per your convenience. The key is not be empty stomach for more than 2 to 3 hours.

8) NO ab workouts till 6 months if you are a c section Mom. Otherwise you can start slowly by the 4 month. Swimming is also beneficial.

9) Maintain a regular weight log. Buy a weighing machine and measure yourself every 2 to 3 days. Why ? To obsess over your weight? No. This will help in creating a healthy habit for you that will remain for a lifetime. And it works as a great motivation.

10) Be patient. Be kind to yourself. And don't give up. Weight loss requires effort just like any other task you want to accomplish in your life. But weight loss more so because you need to love your body to be able to go through with it. Respect what your body has achieved in 9 months. Give yourself as much time it takes to get fit and lean again. You will be able to see miracles only if you believe that you can make those happen.

CAUTION: Verify these points with your doctor before you attempt any thing.

Reference- My own experience :)

Stay healthy. Stay happy.

Take Care!

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aditi!!!!!!!!! i need a looooooove *10 times button for this! thank u, for being so inspiring. u are in for major mamma belly karma!!

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Very much needed... important post.. Thank you for caring all and giving so much wonderful suggestions.

When  there are questions on belly fat reduction I am blindly tagging aditi, no one , like no one can explain this thing the way you do!!! n I must say u look amazing!!😘😘

aditi manja., thanks for sharing the tip. Now a days i m struggling a lot to get a 20 min time for work out. Soon, i will find a 20 min and will start with my yoga. As usual, you are an inspirational mommy

Thanks for tagging n sharing these valuable thing with us...

But people use to say Agar Kam kahoge to milk ni banega... Is it true

very useful tips.. thanks for sharing...

aditi manja love it!! where were u when I needed u the most 😘 but u are an inspiration to me and I will be disturbing u very soon coz I want to lose some bulging flab by next month, it's my bday 😁 and I will be needing tips from.u 😘 I hope u won't mind ❤

Very useful post aditi manja!! I love people who work for their bodies. It actually puts every perspective of life in place!

Vidhi Behl You are most welcome. Yes kam khaoge toh milk nahi banega. Lekin hum mostly yeh bhul jate hai ki jo indian diet hota hai woh as it is kaafi rich hota hai. So aapka calorie requirement usually meet ho hi jata hai. 3 heavy meals khane se 6 chote meals khana better hota hai kyunki isse bhook bhi mit jaati hai, acidity nahi hoti aur aapki body constantly digestion chalu rakhti hai. Iske karan fat burn behetar hota hai. Agar aap ise regularly follow karoge toh aapko fark dikhega :)

asha chaudhry haha I love ya toooo. Thank-you so much for that fire 😘

Roopashree Siddireddy You are most welcome dear. It's nice to share what you know :)

Shruti Giri Hahah how adorable are you! Thanks a ton my love 😘

Sangeetha Karuna How sweet ya. Thank-you. I am sure you will be able to get back to it soon!

Ashika Imthiyaz Most welcome sweetie!

Neha Sharma Uuuu birthday is coming!! You share the birthday month with my daughter. My birthday is next week.. hahah. We will be birthday buddies 😀 Why don't you ping me and we can talk about it?

Gayatri Rao You said it absolutely right! When you go through the process you learn so many things. Patience, perseverance, humility , discipline, self confidence. The list is endless. Love you for bringing this to light! 😘💞

this is absolutely amazingly helpful BabyChakra asha chaudhry I think this should also qualify as a post ban gaya article so we can tag all the moms to it when talk about belly reduction arises?!  anndddd adiiitttii you hottie yummy mummy

very soon aditi manja..I love birthdays ❤

as always, what an inspiring write up aditi... belly flab is the most pain in the neck thing for women.... superb article! 😘😘

oh absolutely Sumira Bhatia ! its gone onto the gigantic excel sheet :))

Sumira Bhatia Awww thank-you so much! Yeah it would be great if this could reach as many women as possible 😘 You are one yummy pataka mummy yourself!!

Sheeba Vijesh Thank-you so much dear 😘😘

inspiring aditi manja.its so so helpful...

Lovely article aditi manja n wish I will put down one day, I m currently 65. Put on after I left breast feeding, so stared exercise.. With quads, rock climbing, abs working, planks etc.. Let's see.. Thank you for the inspiration.

o goals... aditi manja this is a rocking post... finally I have started controlling on my tongue..  and whenever I need motivation I remember you... just love you 😘😘

heeyy Aditi ....grt dear. Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences. I'm also very conscious about my figure and health . At the tym of my first delivery I was 65 kg . After regular yoga routine I reduced and now I'm 56 kg. I appreciate your efforts 👏👏👏👏👏

aditi manja wow again with a wonderful post to stay healthy.  Thanks for sharing such fruitful information everytime that is related to health.  I am very passionate about being fit and healthy and I am always after my husband for the same.  Honestly I am not following any video on YouTube or any pregnancy dvds I have.  I am only following the tips you share here at babychakra.  So really thanks for sharing it.  😘😊

truly inspiring aditi manja awesome article ❤

aditi manja haha I still have a longgg way to go.  I have heard the last 7-8 kgs are the worst to get rid of. more than the weight it is the love handles I want to say bye bye to

wow aditi manja.. such an inspirational post.. u r a grt inspiration to all... i hv started on my weight loss program this month😊

Sonia Gupta Thank-you ☺️ Happy to help!

suchismita patro That's wonderful! Keep it going. You will reach there for sure ☺️

sonam patel Thank you 😘 Haha I am sure you will find the motivation within you. You are such an inspiration yourself! Love you so much!

Garima Singla Thank-you. That's such an achievement! Kudos to you dear. You should share your journey too. I am sure it will motivate others ☺️

Sachi Singhal Awww that's so sweet of you! 🙈🙈 I like it when someone shares my passion for healthy living. And by the way you look just gorgeous in that recent photoshoot of yours! The glow on your face is so beautiful. All the best for a wonderful delivery 😘

Sneha Srinath Thank-you dear ☺️☺️

Sumira Bhatia Yep you said it right. The last few kilos are the hardest. With proper toning and strength training I am sure you will be able to tackle them love handles 😉

manvi bhandari That's so sweet of you 😘 And all the best for your program! I am sure you will do great.

shikha Singh Thank-you 😊

I bet I would.   I have you to keep me motivated

hi aditi, highly inspired by u n ur wt loss program.. am very much worried with my weight  Nd having 2.5 month old baby. it's now  very much motivated me to confirm that yes it is possible

thanx aditi....its a grt post for me😄 now m 68..dear

aditi manja thank you so much for the lovely comments.  😘😘😘

Abhirami Venkateson Thank-you so much. If I am able to inspire even a percent of women to believe in themselves, I will feel blessed indeed. All the best to you. I am sure you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals.

amrita sharma You are most welcome! It won't be long when your weighing scale will show the perfect number you desire to see ☺️

This is really helpful, a very realistic advice, weight gain after c sec is a real concern of the new mom adding to her stress with the responsibility of taking very good care of her new born, this article is quite helpful i feel... thank u so much for this dea..

aditi manja : wat about tummy tying with cotton after csection?is that safe?

Hi Aditi manja..
Wana know you did not mention Chapatti once..
So can we have it??
You avoided it completely

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