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Pic: my in laws and huby, baby n me in shirdi
I hope you all enjoyed my love story and now m gonna share something about my in laws place. It's a very traditional set up where father in law always maintains a distance from daughter in law and one has to keep the head covered in front of them...yes that's true.. but being from a modern family where "bahu jeans pehenti hai to Kya hua ab nahi pehnegi to kab pehnegi"...is very common dialogue to ppl who comment on "bahu ka chaal chalan ".;
So I Decided to change this "kasa hua rishta" a bit and make it more " ok ok type".;
I used to wake up at 6am...used to freshen up had a bath wear a nice dress and then I used to step down to ground floor to my in laws, I used to touch their feet and say good morning.;
I slowly started talking to him more about his n my common fav topic politics! He seemed more interested and started opening up gradually..he used to tell me long tales about his life as a child...incidences and what not.
But one day I got up late as we had chit chats with my newly wedded devar n devraani late night( we go at inlaws place twice in an year, we r in Bangalore and they r in Delhi);
That day
Me: papaji good morning...chai banau?
Papaji: nahi betaji hamne to pili,apki b bni Hui hai..garam karlo
Me: ok papaji. Thank you
Papaji: face expressions were saying (ye samjhi nahi isko toka ja Raha hai)
Day 2: same story, this time mother in law too joined us in chit chats. All got up late😂
Me: papaji, good morningchai banau?
Papaji: betaji aap thoda late hogae hamne pi li aur choti bahu kaha hai?
Me: papaji aarahi hai, me uski aur apni bana leti hu
Sasumaa: beta chai bni hai garam karle me b piugi;
Me: ok mummy
Day 3: no lesson learnt!! 😜Mother in law took out all the albums of family and we were up till 2am🤣
*Me n my devrani came together, I pulled her out from her room so that she doesn't get scolded for coming down late or ppl start glorifying badi bahu for waking up earlier than choti😏* CZ she is a sweetheart 💗💗
All of us, me my huby, my devar, devrani went down together ( saath milkar daant kahney me beizzati Kam mehsus hoti hai u know😋😋😂)
Braveheart me: papaji good morning "DOBARA chai bnau Kya?"
;My father in law burst into laughter..so as my mother in law.;
Papaji: ye ladki bahot shaitaan hai🤣
I didn't know a cup of tea and lil bit of himaat...( And a lot of luck😜) will change my Dynamics with my father in law forever. Now, we don't keep pallu in front of him. I am allowed to wear jeans with *long top* whenever he visits us or we go for outing! He is more open now...we laugh out memories and enjoy old melodies together.;
I never knew ☕ a cup of tea can do so much wonders💞
How is your relationship with your father in law? Would you like to bring any change in it? Please Share your thoughts;

Omg!!! Am laughing loud. U r such a cutie pie. Me and my father in law are having good relationship. We can talk about anything, I can wear whatever I want no problem. We argue, laugh together.

Vidya Rathod it takes two to build a strong relationship. I m sure you too are a positive soul and knows to maintain relationships...lots of wishes to "your sneh bhara rishta" . May it keep growing every day ..😍

Thanks Richa.

He is a good man,not friendly type but with lot of respect. And he is cool with this dress, waking up late etc😉

Rebecca Prakash hehe....that's good...atrah let you sleep now na? She is such a beautiful cute baby😍😍

My papaji is my best friend... Me to unko jb wo pareshan hote h chedti hu papa chai loge... M happy to get him..

Lovely yaar..this is so amazing..my FIL is very reserved and it's difficult to be informal with him..even his sons are not too close..so humara to number hi nai aataa..

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