hi mommies, planning for a mundan of my hyperactive kid who hates if anyone combs or ties his hair or even washes his hair. please suggest some tips so that he doesn't hurt himself while hair are being shaved off. am really worried pls help

how old is ur son ?? start telling him that he l get new hair which is more good :p. make him sit on his favourite person. matter of few mins, he is bound to cry a lil...blow lots of bubbles to divert... this is wat I did n it helped :) good luck!!

thanks!! will do that. he is 2 years old

Chayanika, u can also try taking him to a kid's salon where they engage kids who are not very pro hair cuts. Many people do their mundan at salons too. speak to the salon owner aren't explain ur problem to see if they will be willing to handle it. Where are u located? you may find few listed with Babychakra too.

hi . congrats a big milestone. sharing my experience. my kid got mundan done and not 1 scratch or tear. the key is to keep him super duper engaged with multiple toys and distraction. Give him a new toy just that moment. Show him a catchy rhyme on your phone before and on that moment so he gets attracted. you can't do this alone. ensure hubby is also with you distracting him. All the very best dear . do share how it went

show him pic of sum baby (if poss)smiling who has jus got mundan done ..tell him he will also look cute after mundan n keep him busy wit his fav activity..or let him watch nursert rhymes..

great ideas!! thanks so much :)

I recently got my kids mundan done. I planned the timing according to their sleeping schedule. My girl kept sleeping all through the process. My boy woke up but we distracted him by showing videos on YouTube. So my suggestion is plan as per your child's schedule. The best time would be when he sleeps or just wakes up after sleep (I guess he would be less cranky at that time) and distract him with toys/games/videos etc.

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