hi ,my daughter is 1.1 year old. recently she is hitting each n every one who is nearby without any reason ,she just hit!!! I'm really worried about her behaviour .plz suggest what should I do ???

Hi Preeti
I followed two policies.
one was i used to hit him back, in a lighter way n when he screamed i told him that see it hurts you, same way it hurts mumma or someone else n then try to explain that we should not hit n bla bla. it continued for longer time, so have patience. Second was i used to pretend crying n not talking to him for a while .. slowly he used to come N plead sorry. And yes there were instances when i was stressed out n busy n he hit me hard, i have been rude to him n then regretted later. so i would say have loads n loads of patience as this is a phase which shall pass but you have to be very tactful n peaceful. all the best dear.just dont worry.

We had faced a similar experience with a girl in our building too. She would beat up everyone even in school and this was the problem till she was 5 years, later we moved due to personal reasons. I understand that her parents we correcting but not enough to rectify the problem. One should know how it pains them if one tries to act it out that this is how it pains then one would be able to understand. Most were scared of playing with her, so if parents tell no beating anyone while going out it registers in their mind. Her father kept saying don't come to play with her, rather than telling the girl that we will not send her till she improves, making her realise. Keep them occupied with activity - drawing, dancing, such children have good leadership qualities too, its good to discourage the wrong habits.

OK! thank you ! :)

Hi Preeti, You'll need a balance pf patience, love, acceptance and support.
Start noticing when she is not hitting and praise you're playing so nicely....or whatever she's doing.
Notice if she's angry or upset. Say You're upset baby, hug and try to soothe her.
inform her hitting is not good and ask her if someone does same to her, how will she feel.
Still keep more focus on positive.
The more you focus on hitting and say no, the more she'll tend to love attention even if its negaive.
hope this helps.

yup ! thankx ,I'vl try dis

are kids son in 2.5 he also does d same

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