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When child start crawling from then u should start child proofing. First the sharp corner edges of cot, table, cabinets and even walls are dangerous. Now a days u can get the corner guards which u can use easily. Then comes the electric socket to cover this we get electrical socket cover which is really useful. Don't keep water filled in vessels ,buckets or don't leave open water sump unattended. There are chances of babies get drowned in knee-length water also. Drawers and cupboards are also responsible for many accidents so please use child safety locks. So better safe than sorry.😊

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1. Installing Safety gates - for kitchens, bathrooms, stair case.
2. Balcony proofing for high rise homes
3. Using baby car seat with seat belts and avoid front seat sitting with the kids as the front air bags are not designed for the kids.
4. Objects like plastic covers, chargers wires, threads, ropes may tend to be risky if they tie it over their neck. Need to keep them away from children.
5. Protecting Sharp edges & electric outlets
6. Using lesser height cots or directly using mattress on the floor level.
Safety is as simple as ABC!!!(Always Be Careful)

Room, crib, and sleep safety tips
1.Electronics with cords (i.e. monitor, sound machine, etc.)
•Never place the monitor or sleep machine on the edge or inside the bed.
•Always make sure cords are at least three feet away from the crib.
•Similarly, make sure all cords from blinds and shades are tied up and out of reach.
•Pillows, blankets, quilts, wedges, bumpers should not be in your infant's crib.
•Most experts agree that a blanket and pillow poses little risk to healthy children over 12 months.
•Your child's mattress should be firm.
3.Toys and stuffed animals
Keep these items out of baby's crib.You may introduce safe stuffed animals in the crib after six months;.
4.Sleep positions
•Always place your baby down on his or her back for their sleep sessions to reduce the risk of SIDS.
•Once they are able to roll over they can switch sleep positions on their own, and you can leave them how they position themselves.
5. Crib specifics
•Make sure your crib is current, up-to-date, and meets all safety standards .
•To prevent your baby's head from getting caught, be sure the slats are no more than 2-3/8 inches apart.
•Keep the mattress low if your baby is mobile.Never use lead-based paint on furniture.
6. Room temperature
•Keep your home/baby's room around;68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.;(The temperature will be a little warmer in the summer; 75-78 degrees.)When chillier weather arrives, if you are worried about warmth try out a sleep sack instead of a blanket. #childsafety

Firstly when the baby starts crawling,we should be very careful that the floor should be neat n clean.There should not be any sharp thing or object lying on the floor.The doors of washrooms,washing area should be shut when not in use.The staircase should be protected by having a small gate at the starting.The switch holes should be covered with tapes n all electrical appliances should be kept away from children.The medicines boxes should be keep away from the reach of kids .The drawers n dressing table should be locked as the kids are alwaya in attempt to open them n throw out the things.The sharp edges of the furniture should be covered with safety guards.The most important should be the floor should be mopped with phenyl so keep away the mosquitoes n flies away.

Be vigilant...... always keep an eye upon the child. All hazardous things like phynile,medicine,detegents.... should be kept out of sight from the child.

Keep stuffed toys, cushions and piles of clothing out of cots and prams.
Wrap blinds cords in cleats attached to the wall at least 1.6 m above the floor.
Tie knots in plastic bags, and keep them away from children...
Put electrical outlet covers on all outlets..
Secure electrical cords to baseboards..
Install safety gates securely in front of stairs and basement doors. ...
Store cleaners and medications out of reach and in a locked cabinet

#childsafety Put electrical outlet covers on all outlets. Secure electrical cords to baseboards .Install safety gates securely in front of stairs and basement doors. Store cleaners and medications out of reach and in a locked cabinet.

For child safety parents or grandparents should alwez keep an eye on them as when they crawl they can go to any place which can be even very dangerous for them.. alwez keep the staircase area closed. Tiolets n bathrooms should be latched so that they can't open them. Refrigerator, TV, microwave n all electronic items should be placed above their reach or u can switch them off when ur baby is playing.. Place pillows on the bed corners when baby is asleep as when they roll they shouldn't fall from the bed... Alwez watch them as they can put anything in mouth.
As a parents we have to alwez watch them as anything can be dangerous child safety is first n imp of everything...

My theory is very simple, when u become a mom u have to think like a baby😊 I apply this on everything and even so in child safety. U will find this funny but everyday morning I crawl like a baby and see what all things I can play with and then I try to keep those areas clean, proofed.


Child safety was started in first day of pregency then that is continu the journey life long of the child. Often, injuries happen because parents are not aware of what their children can do. Your child is a fast learner and will suddenly be able to roll over, crawl, sit, and stand. Your child may climb before walking, or walk with support months before you expect. Your child will grasp at almost anything and reach things he or she could not reach before. number of child safety was taken that are only some of the following
1. Falls:some time falls on the first flour.
2. Burn:don't allow to prayer room. kichen, like.
3. Drowning: drowning to the bed.
4. Never not allow not kichen. childern was fell like a magic world.
5. Don't give covers, papers, sharp toys, and small toys. 6. Elders also don't take medications in front of child they can fell like a cands.
7. In bath time also never allow to the bath room or bath tube. some time water hot or more water. 8. 2-3 years old children some times they are inside the room and lock the door. 9. don't do wrong any thing in front of child. they are coppy to the elders. they can do any mistake that is parents mistake. parents not guide propply to the children. 10. never give to child unknown person. 11. After 9 months old in swing or cradle don't put the toys near to the cradle. 12. don't shake the baby vegrouly it damage the brain blood vessels.
"Always be careful and give love and safty"
children like a flowers
be cool be happy take care any time any ware

keep house clean , remove all unnecessary items from floor which are sharp as kids touch them & get injured..keep child away from electronic items like heater, iron, refrigerator etc..dont allow kids to use staircases by their own under 5 yrs of age..keep close doors everytime if baby is very small..keep clean floors 3 times in a day, as child doesnt get infections.. never allow kids to on & off switches by their own ..make sure that washrooms or bedrooms shouldn't close from inside by them alone..the medicines , scissors, nailcutters etc must be keep away from the reach of child..the sharp edges of the furnitures may injured them anytimes , so covered it with safety guards ..keep kitchen accessories away from kids, specially knife, crockery items etc..make sure they dont touch hot items ever..cosmetic items should be locked in a cupboard ..understanding them not to eat any things which are not eatables..like chocksticks, pencials, eracers , small toys etc..
keep watch on toys basket regularly ..if any toys are broken , throw away immediately as their hands doesnt get injured from them ..

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