hi, my kid is 3 year. and don't wants to eat I mean I gave him 1 chapati or parantha and after 2 three bites he said don't want to eat n that he eats when there is no spices in veg.. so wat to do to make him eat.. I gave him oats porridge in morning n khichdi with veg n sometime dal chawal or sambhar rice that he eats forcefully n in between some fruits n in evening milk n in dinner veg parantha or chapatti n veg..I gave him but he is not gaining weight so wat other can I gave him to increase his weight.. he looks thin.

Hey Rekha, as long as your child eats well there's no harm in anything. please serve him food that is cooked for everyone else and let him eat with everyone on the dining table. The possibilities are if he eats with everyone then he might like to eat food.

that I have tried but he don't like wat else I can give him to increase his weight

if egg can be given on daily basis.. n how I can give him. as m a vegetarian.. Wat can I make with eggs

Give him lots of fruits in breakfast and snack...whichever fruit he likes. That will give him much more nutrition than Rice and Roti, take care of his fluid requirements and also build his appetite. Even raw foods like cucumber, carrot...

I also serve my daughter food without red chilly or any chillies , she eats everything .. I even serve her chutneys without chilly and she eats it shall start eating chilly later on in foods..

and if your kid is thin no worries until he is doc said after 5 or 6 years of age they shall gain weight properly ...

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