We are all made of stories. Memories are what define us. This woman's day share how you have transformed as a woman.

Contest Guidelines:

1) Write a story about your life in the comment section- how did you transform from a fragile to fierce woman!

2) Minimum Word Limit- 100

3) use the #Extraordinaari #Woman'sday

So, Are you an ExtraordiNaari?

Entries open till 8th March Only, Top 10 winners will be interviewed and their stories will be featured on BabyChakra.

#extraordinaari #extraordinaari

it's my Life story by sree somireddy.
im sree somireddy. i have two brothers and one sister. They all r younger im elder one. In my childhood time no body not go to schools in my village. But my mom was very intrested girls also nead education. After that me and my brother was joined in school. That school is another Town. After that all girls are go school in my village. All girls are doung jobs also. like bank teacher ,professor. my sister also clear groups exam. Then collage time very sunday we can go to orphanage and spend some time. Then we can ask they problems and we try slove. Then marrige. Marrige was total change my life each and every min i will learn new thing like cooking, caring of baby ect.i love very much my mother hood journey. every one has some aim. life without aim is useless, aimless, pointless. Life is a great blessing of god. i should be spenton a purpose with certain aim Other wise, thre will be no diffternce between the life of human and that of animals. then i have some feature plans like we can try to go Abroad; for job. After that i have one ambition. i can started one orphanage and old age home.

Where do we post it

Tarotforu Shambhavi right here as a comment ! :) can’t wait to hear your story.

I always feel to write my autobiography as my life is so interesting I guess😁😁people surrounded by me makes my life super duper roller coaster ride. Still my education it was okay normal once I m eligible for marriage life started actual game. Meeting with new guy for a cup of tea all dressing up sharing some not so much things to impress continued for 22 proposal. Then god thought bas enough now then I met with my hubby it was arranged meeting but no parents included and it was different from other meetings too. We decided to tie a knot both parents not met personally but over phone they decided our engagement, marriage dates. Then all is well till 1.5 years of my marriage I delivered baby girl... Soon I realized no one is happy with me neither my husband who shows unconditional love till baby born nor my in-laws. It's been one year of my motherhood journey I didn't enjoyed her presence because life is throwing lots of stones at a time. And I m digging my life where was the whole. Stay tuned for more as I don't know whts coming next in my life

Rashmi Choudhury yours is an amazingly beautiful story 🤘😍

Rashmi Choudhury I believe happiness is in the mind. If you are tough and strong make room for your own happiness. Never ever lose hope and keep talking to your life partner.

As girl did saw in my childhood the difference between girl and boy. My brother was loved more than me and my sister. Mostly by grandmother. I thought life would change after marriage. I did love marriage by convincing my parents somehow. We waited 7 years for marriage. Starting was good but as I got pregnant after 1year my in laws started changing. And when my daughter came it was shocking for them. Now she is above 1 yr. She's too cute that no one could resist her. She herself made her own place in my in laws mind. Now i m pregnant again and tensed too that if now a girl is born will they even love the first one. My husband is supporting but doesn't say much as he doesn't want family to separate. Both are struggling through. Let's see what life brings further. I will fight until I can. And as a mother even God helps and gives strength.

I think every naari is extraordinaari.... Every women fights through her problems. Small or big doesn't matter. Main thing is u don't give up.

Nidhi Nidhi I agree with you. Every woman is extra ordinary

Every girl life is diffrent i lost my mother when i was 14 year old n i didnt know any household work cooking n all some relatives didnt help me i realized that your mom is everything if u have mom u can feel d world is good around u many will say i m like your mother but truth is no one just believer yourself b strong live everyday like a princess

#extraordinaari #women 'sday
How I transformed myself from fragile to fierce
Is a 15year long story ,
When I got married I learnt to cook , take care of house, n also helped my husband to start a new venture,
I was teaching part time. Then I took a 7 year break for my kids
after my second child , I went into depression n decided that I needed to work n be independent as that was the way I was bought up , my husband was v supportive, I started teaching from home part time (11yr exp ), also I started a tutor bureau(3 years back), I also started making friends , meeting new people , taking care of myself, family n finances ,also volunteering in gurudwara that leads to spiritual development, n helping many women who needed help , .through my work I help generate employment for many men n women , n also share my knowledge n wisdom with kids . I also donate part of my income .along with this , I take care of my home n family.
I stay in touch with my siblings, relatives n friends, celebrate all occasions n make memories,
Now I m planning to start another venture n I m working towards it ,in terms of personality development n skills required,
I love my freedom n that makes me fierce , I love myself , I call myself #extraordinaari

#extraordinaari #1 #ritumukherjee
"She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart" Shambhavi is one power packed lady,who tirelessly works around the clock to touch lives. She has had an interesting journey, of two decades. The family that Shambhavi comes from is one of the respected family of Bihar and it is a tradition in their family to be spiritually inclined, as much as one must be was formally educated. So, her inclination towards her spiritual world was given. Her induction to this came through Reiki and Nyaas healing. Over the years she learnt other aspects of spirituality and continued to be a student with a thirst for spiritual knowledge. Having studied the science, she realized that there is a calling to the mystic world and a huge appetite to learn the various modalities. She continued to invest in learning new modalities and keeps upgrading her knowledge bank. For her, life has been a bitter sweet journey, with its fair share of ups and down. In her tryst with her spiritual world,she learnt the most valuable lessons of life, which is to ‘value what one has’ and ‘the power of now’. Shambhavi studied Hospitality and Management, post which she worked in hospitality and corporate world for over a decade. While she was growing professionally she continued her relationship with the mystic world, which eventually became her full time passion. She comes across as a very experienced soul, when one connects with her. The kind and variety of people she has met and helped them is appreciative. She loves to travel and has experienced a variety of cultures and traditions. She has worked across a spectrum of industries, whilst continuing her spiritual advancement. She masters the art of tarot along with other spiritual healing forms n has been featured in various interviews and media platforms, national magazines,spoke briefly at tedx She is also a life coach to many. “Consistency is what transforms an average into excellence.”

sreekanna wishing you all the best. It's a very noble dream you have.

#2 #ritumukherjee
A self made woman, Shambhavi has built a brand for herself and is recognized in the field of tarot , vaastu ,life coach and various other modalities. She believes in helping those who reach out to her, in her
simple and unique way and often says “to achieve something that you really want,
will it from the heart and universe, will bring it to you. Also, your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance”
To those who take inspiration I must tell you .. take the steps forward and you will see the universe will support you..

Thank u somuch priya

#womensday #extraordinaari
This is my story , God gives us a previous life and he have a plan for everyone. Being a children of working parents I and my younger brother cared by Nana and Nani mostly. Nana school le Jate , stories kehte or pdhate. When I was a student of class , my teacher scolded me you don't know anything u r dull.; this words and situation I still remember. At that time I decided I want to become something in life. My brother is my best friend and together we learn and play After 10 th standard my approach towards study changed and I became a clever student till my study ends.; Today I have a reputed government job in my field and I can manage everything job,; baby,; family.
Sometimes I feel I have very less time very busy schedule.; but I feel powerful and satisfied; in my life. God filled all the wishes I have.
...one thing I learn is that everyone is perfect, we all are not same.
We are playing our role in god's drama. I want to help children to achieve success and educate them and that's why I am a teacher.

Such inspiring stories! How often we dont realise the strength within us ! reading your stories is a reminder! Thank you all!

#extraordinaari #extraordinaari
Thanks babychakra for giving a platform to share my story about extraordinaari .
I think all ladies are extraordinaari in their life .my life is too simple like my simplicity bt situations made it extraordinary.i was always thought that life is too simple there is no need to get extra tension ..if u have any problem then say it straight forward to all.but when I met my hukum n married with him i told all thoughts of mine to him very clearly ..he accepted all very well..he always respect me everytime as I mentioned him before marriage that I love my self respect..but after some time when my bil met with accident as i wrote in my takeover..m suffering with so many problems and handling all with well maintained relationship to all family members..I felt in three years that to maintain unity in family we have to sacrifice many things knowing all differences..I m happy that I m managing all in my pregnancy also .it makes me really extraordinaari..thanks to my hukum who understands everything Nd we both managing our family ..
Day by Day our life changed everything n make us special in self..
At last I feel happy when my family smiles I forget my all pain ...
Pray my bil turned is consciousness soon by ye wishes n my family become happy family...
Thank u all ...

#extraordinaari #womansday
Each n every woman faces difficulties in her life n find out the possible solution,so each woman is extraordinary.I have one brother n one sister,my mom n my dadi in my family.M the middle one,sister is elder n married n bro is younger n doing job n running house.We completed our school studies n days were going good.Then we were in college.I was in BCA second year when i lost my father.The whole life was suddenly changed.My bro was in +2 class n sister was doing MA.She left his studies n start tutions.At that time only grandfather was the earning person.Then sister was married n me too continue studies n having tutions in the evening n life was going on.Now it was the time of my marriage.Again mishappening in my life.I lost my Father in law after one day i got enagaed.I was totally disappointed with my life n asked God what is happening with me n when it will come to an end.Our marriage was postponed for six months.After six months we married.A new life started,but who knows another struggle was waiting for me.It was struggle for baby,m unable to conceive.A lot of tests done of me n husband,but no problem was there,I left all the medicines as m gaining too much wait n left all on God.Then after five years i was blessed with my son Vyaan,he really gives life to us.Now we r enjoying our lives with him.He is truly a blessing from God.But the man who is responsible for completing our studies,arranged our marriages is no more,that is my grandfather.Inspite of all these situations the life is going on...

I am an astrologer from bangalore. Born n bought up in a town. As being only daughter to my mom, i was quite pampered. Being single mom, ( my dad dont wanted a girl and tried all possible ways to harm us) my mom protected me a lot. I was always taken care by my mom, grandma and uncle. I was over protected. So much that... most of my answer was to smile. Less talking, shy and any problem, i was running to my mom. Then pregnancy and my daughter have taught me a lot. When i turn back, i can see how much i have changed myself for better. From shy timid kid to very talkative, bold one. One incident have changed my decision. Couple of years back...an uber incident happened. Wherein driver mistreated me, when i was in cab with my small baby. The incident was covered all over regional and also national television. Due to my mom, i took courage to report to police and even talk in news media. That even depressed me more. Even though the culprit was punished, i was sad with all the events. I decided myself that, i will speakup. I will be bold. Later slowly i have changed. Still in progress. Proud what i was. Happy for what i am now.

Awesome! We have some total power MomStars!!!!!

Bahut hi struggling life hai meri

I would love to share my story but can't write in few words as seen lots of ups and downs

Hi friends, myself Ashwini Sahare and I am an ayurveda doctor had completed my bams in 2015 and got married in same year and started a job as an rmo in a nursing home. Daily I used to see n assited in normal as well as cesarean section deliveries... And after 8 months I found I was pregnant and then I quit my job as it was twin pregnancy... And doc advised me to take rest....and then at 18 weeks in Anamoly scan I was diagnosed with TTTS (twin twin transfusion syndrome) stage 2. Doc told me that 50% chances are there to save my both babies and Treatment for this condition is only available in 3 mega cities of India... So we decided to go to bangalore n laser ablation was done on me...on very next day i went into labour pain and i lost my babies (girls) at 23 weeks....after that two d&c were done to remove rpocs..... I was totally broken n depressed.. Why me God.... Mere sath hi Kyu.... But soon i got recovered as my in laws n my hubby supported me a lot. After a year I was pregnant with my rainbow baby and delivered a healthy baby girl....now she's 15 months old. I missed my baby girls who are in heaven👼👼 #extraordinaari #womensday

#extraordinaari #womensdays Hai everyone my name is banu,,, so here starts my story I am a modern girl with modern thoughts,,, I was a girl that everyone likes and loves.... I love to be modern ,, I am a type of girl who feel bad if anyone says anything about me bad ,,, I am the dearest daughter for my parents who always love ,,I was soo sensitive, , I don't know anything Gud or bad ,or any cooking, , I married to my husband at age of 19 who's family is sooo traditional and big family and I became soo responsible before I even don't know where I kept the shoes Now everything I knows, , in starting it became soo difficult to survive the difficulties in responsiblites,, I Use to do all the house works and I used to go to school in bus by standing everyday for 2hrs.. and ours is a big family, every one I mean our relatives comes home without intimation , I only cooks the foods, serves, make beds to everyone,, no one helps me ,, I got delivered before 7 months, , at the time of delivery no one was In the house except my mother in law who is an old women.. at 2am pain started ,no one is in home to help me ,,or no auto rickshaw, nothing available there, I itself walked to hospital with that pains after I delivered baby now I became soo strong woman, I developed my self to be a good mother ,,,really a marriage is a turning point to any girl ,, we have to choose good turning point ,,if we didn't get we should develop ourself to solve all the difficulties into a road filled with roses ... so I became a strong woman from sensitive girl ..

From being a Black sheep to #extraordinaari Born on 25th March 1988 in thane n the only child of my parents. A lil about me I'm a Research analyst by profession n a photographer by passion.. Since childhood I have been compared with my cousin(look alike of pretty zinta). In india, people will always criticize n crib n compare but never appreciate. So had this inferiority complex n felt I'm good for nothing. Hardly had any beat friend n still I say I don't (coz always had bad experiences in friendship) So breaking people's notions about me since the time I took a drop in 9th due to jaundice n food poisoning during the finals to getting into an MBA college on my own without donation n reference to getting my first job to earning good enough to finding the love of my life to settling down in life to taking care of my dad(till his last breath as he suffered from diabetes,clot in brain etc) n to now since my dad passed away taking care of mom to finally becoming a mom. Finally now learning to be happy and taking care of myself n my family n enjoying life to the fullest coz seen just 4 days before my EDD that my dad suddenly passed away was fortunate to have met him a day earlier.. It was traumatic for me n hence from that day I decided to be happy and live life ie each n every moment to the fullest..

Good morning everyone

#extraordinaari #womensdays This is Anjalli A Agrawal here.I am an award winner Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist. So why did I start this post with an introduction BCOS this is my story of EXTRAORDINARY NARI. The transformation of an IT Engineer becoming an Astrologer. It was something I did since college days as I was well versed on my own in numerology at that time too and did it for my friends frequently, but that time studying engineering I never gave a second thought to take Numerology or Astrology as my profession. However it was god's grace I accidentally meet my first teacher in Bangalore on one of such workshops and she was able to recognize the gift in me and since then there is no stopping!!! For some reason I was her last student she taught tarot and then she moved abroad. Yes I believe God always have better plans for us :). So I quit my job and did my first certification in tarot, there was eyebrows raised by families as who would see their daughter giving up the high pay job to something which all of us were naive then.But it was through my husband's constant support and my strong will power I gave my heart and soul to it to become what I am today. One after one I kept doing certifications in occult science and today have completed 10 glorious and proud years in this field.I have recently been awarded as Best Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader. I have also written two books on tarot and numerology which are among best sellers on Amazon.Not only I do consultations I also teach people Tarot and Numerology so that somewhere I can help people to find their dream too. And guess who are super proud now My parents and In-laws;) The reason I am writing about all my achievements is BCOS I want all of you reading this, its never too late to fulfill ur dreams and it can really get "BIG". Yes it will require lots and lots of hard work, a strong will power, good intentions with time management as we all have to manage this with kids(I twice got pregnant with a boy and girl) but I never gave up. A strong believer in Karma, I know the sensitivity and responsibility of my work and genuiness this field requires. When it comes to my work I am a no nonsense person and will never do things which are ethically not correct...I very strongly believe I am choosen one from God to be in Astrology field and to guide people accurately and that is what makes an Engineer Anjalli to an Astrologer Anjalli an EXTRAORDINARY NARI❤️

Amazing stories dears !! So inspiring ...

Extraordinaari #Woman 'sday
hi this is shivangi ...
i would like to start from my childhood ..at the age of 3 i lost my father ... my mom was everything for me .she strulled a lot but gave me love n care of both...n gave me best living environment n education ... but unfortunatly she also left me in 2011 . i lost my angle that time my love n one brahmin family was standing with me in every step .i met my love at the age of 20 . he is my super hero ..but his family was against our love ..he tried to convinced his parants n as time passes i got married to him and after one year gave birth to my little champ my sona pyara baccha.. they both completed my life ....i love u both ...this is all about breifing of my life ... n hope for best for rest of my life..

Comment image

I am really happy to share my story which I is the real roller coaster on each edge I realised the transformation.
I am Sukanya and I have grown with the aim to become an IAS officer and to start a free education institutions..
But in my childhood I have been harassed and was completely scared to tell to my family.
I was grown with that depression as that person is very close to my family and had a good name.
I somehow avoided him and started concentrating on my studies.
But my family situation doesn't allowme to higher studies and started my career after graduation.
I have two sister and one brother So I always used to mingle with others as their sister...People used to call me as I am so childish and I don't know much about selfishness and grievances...
And so I was worsly cheated in my marriage life as I don't know it till the day of divorce.
I got rid of that terrible life and started my career again and grooms myself from my innocence to matured stages
So many people gave me many bad experiences through which I have learnt the important lessons of my life.
Also I have started to see the other side of all the relationships and started neglecting the bad ones...
The golden moment of my life is my childhood and after so many years it is this stage.
Yes I got married to a person who truly loves me and for him I have shed down my depression and anger, fear of relationships, negative approach, cowardness, hesitation and completely changed my life of fully positive.
Yes, it is true and it may not be possible by God , but it happens because of the true love of a pure soul. I am feeling as the luckiest and happiest mom in the world as he takes care of me like his own child.
He taught me everything as his own child and dealt all my emotions in a very calm way..
I have hurted him a lot and finally he succeeded in making me understood everything...
I realised my responsibilities as a wife and a mother and started dealing things with maturity....
I hope everything will be ok in the future and I will be a good wife and mom to my family...
Bless me sisters as I have started the new phase of my life with noone but my true love as a companion.
I thank him forever for transforming an innocent girl to the matured women and mom.
I am notwriting it to win the game but just to share the truth
"I have transformed into a complete women just because of a genuine lovable man"
Wish us success in our future life...

Mera naan KOMAL KAMLE hai mere mata pita bahot acche hai unke jaise is pure dunia mei nahi hai vo hamare liye bhagvan se bhi zyada hai bahot pyaar karte hai hum Marathi hai hamare mei ladkiyo ko padhate nahi hai shadi b jaldi karte hai meri shadi 16 saal mei hui hai ek saal mei operation se delivery hui 18 mei aur ek baby hua operation se hi fir abhi hai 4 mahina hai sasural mei sab hai lekin koi nahi dekhte hai 3rd operation hai koi bhi nahi dekhte

Hi I m.Bhawna Kapoor This is about how I changed from.an introvert, innocent girl to bold girl .Till Xiith standard I was overprotected My school was nearby to our place Never ever gone anywhere all alone without parents Suddenly life changed after my father got hospitalised and expired due to heart attack. I was in Ist year of college at that point of time Somehow completed my graduation in chemistry Homs along with taking tution classes Once I was out from.college my mother wanted both me and sister to pick.se.job somewhere I started picking up.marketing jobs ranging from.agrofinancearketinh, software selling to real.estate marketing I didn't get satisfaction anywhere as at that point of time private sector tor was not organised and work culture was not conducive for females After seeing some bad incidents around me I left the last job at some engineering coaching institute and started preparing for banking competition s I got thru two banks and joined BOB at Mumbai After 4 months I was able to get myself transferred to Delhi due to family pressure.however very soon I was transferred to Chandigarh due to office politics I took same as challenge and started staying in PG and taking all field assignments i.e marketing, recovery,legal., Risk ,fraud and chargeback in addition to operational assignment s Very soon I was given independent charge of branch and has to travel in entire Punjab, J & K and Chandigarh I was handling legal case of Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jammu I was able to create a mark in legal and fraud cases Even my nAme was published in local newspaper for tracing and recovering dues from defaulters who had fraudently taken banks money . I became first choice of management for any crucial litigation,recovery or fraud cases After few years I was able to get myself transferred to Delhi and since 2006 I have handled all challenging assignments with equal ease and utmost satisfaction to manage ment Thanks to all those people who has reposed faith in me and provided challenging assignments of different fields so I could get varied exposure Being in govt sector there has not been much change in remuneration part however there has been more than 200 percent change in personality from an shy,timid,introvert, logical to manipulative, garrulous, friendly and outgoing person who can handle anyone and doesn't have any hesitation in even taking FIR assignments to be lodged at concerned police station Women can achieve anything if they wish to

My story does not end here Though I was married in good family and bless ed with nice and loving husband how ever I had to face fertility issues I had been undergoing various fertility treatment for last 11 years .I have been married for last 13 years and undergone 6 IUIs and 5 IVfs at various IVF hospi
tals. Even doctor has denied in my last IVF cycle in July 2018 however we had not lost hope. Due to blessings of God I was able to conceive naturally in Last Oct Even my doctor was not willing to believe It is the determination to succeed and faith in God that kept us going . Till today no-one is willing to believe that I have conceived naturally and that to at this age of 43 yrs Thanks to my husband and all those people who kept my morale up and have faith and determination to succeed Nothing in this world is impossible for any women if they have determination and willingness to succeed. I wish all those women who have been struggling on any front best of the endeavour s and be winner s Women is epitome of strength Would advise all women to never lose hope in any situation It is that phase that will pass if they remain patient and optimistic

Life can surprise you in a thousand different ways. Good or Bad but it’s on you how you deal with it.
This is me Madhavi, an IT professional having 13+ years of experience. Life changed 7 years before when my son was born and after which it was just the journey of #Motherhood which kept me busy and going with all the coos, potty, susu and the beautiful sweet smile. heheh
Life was going cool and happy when a nightmare struck us, and I got detected by a rare disease 1.6 year before namely #AplasticAnemia . We witnessed that it just takes a single minute to change the entire world whether sad or happy. #AplasticAnemia is a rare but serious blood disorder, a life threatening one. Your bone marrow which generates all types of blood cells in your body suddenly decides to go on a long vacation and technically is termed “defective”. Mind you the vacation period is not known by any one on the earth. It can be 1 year,2year or lifetime. Yeww!! That moment you realize how your body and each part of it is so damn important. When we heard of the disorder, we really didn’t know what exactly we are walking in, but it’s said na “Experience and Exposure teaches you all”.
For the past 1.6-year life has been on a roller coaster ride with all types of treatments, weird and strong medications, mentally, physically and financially ruptured.
The pains, sleepless nights, medicinal side effects, poking the body for all types of tests every now and then and what not. Not to forget all this with having a then 5.5-year-old little kid along.
Me and my son never stayed away from each other right from the day he was born, apart the school hours. Our sweet little duo of 2 scattered when doctors had me admitted now and then. He never use to say anything but his tiny little sweet face use to narrate many things. I realized all of a sudden, my 5.5-year-old son was behaving like a grown up. He started taking extra care of me, monitoring all my medications and that I am having it on time.
My illness not only put me on house arrest but even my little son. His schedule changed. He had just school to go, no play, no outdoors nothing. He used to spend more and more time with me having a fear in his mind that god knows when my mom will have to be admitted again. Seeing him in fear was the last thing I would ever dream of and it kept boasting my willpower. My 2 boys (hubby and son) are my strong backbones which are helping me recover from the illness.
Being house arrest is really the sickest

thing anyone would have to face to. It was during this phase I started recording various activities done by my kid and uploading it on his youtube channel(youtube.yuvaanvlogger). An outlet which we figured out was the best way to keep both of us occupied. I made a social presence for him on all social platforms by the name of @yuvaanvlogger and we both started capturing our wackiness in it. He is currently one of the youngest vlogger in India and we mom/son duo are happy about it.
I am a simple naari with a zeal, with a passion, with a strong willpower, with a never dying attitude, with the urge to keep the smile on my sons face intact.
It’s been 1.6 year and we just pray every night that no more nightmares come in our life and we just get to see miracles.
I always remember the saying “God helps those; who help themselves” and I am just trying to do the same. #extaordinaari #woman 'sday

#Extraordinaari #Woman 'sday
Myself Sethu Krishna.I am born and brought up in a small village in Kerala.
When I was in 12th class,my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.My elder brother was in Jaipur for his MBA studies.When I came home after finishing 12th from Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya boarding school,there was nobody to look after my dad except mom and me.Relatives took advantage of the situation.Here,the real 'me' took birth.I said,I will look after my dad,we don't need anybody.We would hire local taxis to go for chemotherapies to hospital.Some neighbours were helpful. During this time,the erstwhile innocent me who had not seen more than RS.500,started carrying 30000 in my wallet during a hospital visit.We sailed through the situation and I lost my father to the disease in 2007.
After his death,the most unexpected happened.My brother took sides with relatives and started fighting with us for everything.I wanted to pursue MBA but he tried to stop me from doing so.He left us and went to Bangalore.Relatives would come home to brainwash my mom not to educate the girl and I need to be married as soon as possible.But,I was adamant on my demand.I said,even if you don't give me money for my studies,you need to help me procure bank loan that I would pay in future.At last,mom decided to stand with me.The situation was too worse that we decided to escape to Kochi taking a home on rental after my CAT was over.We attended interviews and I got into a reputed college(IMT Nagpur).Mom had come to Nagpur but had to return after 6 months as the climate didnt suit her.
Though,there was campus interviews,a right profile didnt come.I convinced my mom and set my journey to Mumbai.Living in a PG,I searched for job and got into India today in a month bringing mom too.
After a year,we started looking for alliances actively.We found Kiran's profile on Bharat matrimony.At first,the family did not show much interest.Then,I called him and asked whether he is proceeding.That was the touching moment for him.He came to Mumbai convincing his family and we decided to get married.I made marriage arrangements through a friend.I had to visit and arrange everything.We were happily married in 4 months.
We stayed with my mom taking new home.Next problem started then.Mom wanted me to follow her for everything.She wanted me to do what she pleases and would oppose in laws.She left me when I was 7 months pregnant.We stay with Kiran's family since then.My mom stays with relatives now.

#extraordinaari #Woman 's day
#2 Sethukrishna
When my baby girl was born a year ago,Kiran's family took care of me and the baby very well.I follow Baby chakra and many other FB groups for parenting tips and for specific queries.That irritated the family at first.I did not know how to react as my mom herself had left me.I was not very close to his family as well. But,I would always make it a point to give the best possible to my baby.I would make my point clear gently but firmly.She is 1 year old,the first self fed baby in the whole extended family and is very active.I decided to take a break from work for a few years though looking for freelance opportunities as a strong foundation to the baby is essential.
The struggles of a woman never ceases and that makes her 'naari'.

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