My 4 yr old was found iron n D3 deficient. she has leg cramps very often.. now again I m expecting.. is it possible dt if mom is deficient thn it is trsfrd to babies thru feed.. wt should I do to make both my kids healthy??

consult ur doc abt it...since u r expecting...yes congrats

already consulted but dint find satisfactory answers so thought to take experience opinions

Hi, Rashmi, In your kid's case, if u have used the vitamin supplements that are prescribed by paediatrician for the recommended period, nothing to worry.Leg cramps occur if the kid is dehydrated that is due to electrolyte imbalance.See to that Ur kid drinks plenty of water, juices, will soon find a good improvement.
As u are expecting, Ur gynaec will give the necessary Vit.
But in both the cases, try not to take any D Vit without doctor's prescription.
Try to sit in the morning sunlight along with Ur kid

completely agree with srujana. do not take any medication without consulting your gynaecologist. and sitting in sunlight will really help.

thanks dears....

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