My cousin's three month old baby weighs around 4 kg. dr has asked that the weight should increase of the baby. Please advise what my cousin should do so that the weight of baby increases.

ask her to feed half spoon of honey with drygrapes'll increase d baby weight

As far as I have read and been told by doctors honey shouldn't be given to babies till the age of 1 year. And to a 3 months old baby nothing should be given beyond breast milk or formula. Please consult an expert before giving honey, or for that matter, anything else to the baby. Also what was the birth weight of the baby? If the baby has doubled his birth weight by the end of 3 months or gained 2.5 kgs and above, then his/her growth is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Evn my daughter in completing her 3rd month but this is natural home remedies what my ancestors used to do....any ways just consult once and go ahead

You can also refer to baby growth chart by WHO.

Hi Bhargavi. would love to connect. Can you send me your phone number on chat message and I will connect.

Please don't give honey or any other food apart from breastfeeding. Better to consult a good pediatrician. It could also be that the baby is not latching properly and hence unable to take proper n sufficient feeds. Also the mother should ensure she is following a healthy diet, it matters a lot.

Totally agree with Bhavana. exclusive breastfeeding

I totally agree with bhavana.Mother should eat properly with all greens and feed the baby properly.The birth weight of the baby is also important.

thnx to all the great moms

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