So many positive response and motivating message kept me more strong thank you all for all the positive vibes. 😊

I had received a lot message asking me how was the phase of Weaning.

So for me Weaning was forced because of my medical conditions. I was recommended withCalgolin Tablets and was advised to take 2 tablets at a time for 6 days twice a day which makes in 4 tablets per day.

The first day when I had this table I was advised not to touch my breast at all, but by night my left side began to become heavier and bigger and I was unable to even lift my arm so I was rushed to the hospital at the middle of the night, where my doctor was very kind enough to attend me in such late hours and squeeze of the milk, if I wouldn't have met her I would have the same clot formation even on my left side. After hearing her words I was all broken again, but I had my parents who supported me and kept me going.

I continued the medicines for about 15 days and I also had to met my gynecologist every alternate day for the dressing happening on my right side as well.

After 15 days there was a silver lining, some positive response coming my way my milk gradually started to reduce and my breast felt lighter. But my right had another clot formed which took quite a while to melt down again I was kept on some medications for roughly about 15 days.

Also one of my relatives suggested me to put a cold cabbage leaf on my breast as it would help the reduction if milk flow and would not allow clots to form, and her advice really help me.

So the moms who are Weaning their kids anytime please do try out the cold cabbage leaves too I worked miracles in my case. Hope it works out for you too.

Even I heard about cabbage leaves. Thank you for sharing.

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