Tips to Discipline Your Child;

We look at a few tips that could help you teach your child how to be disciplined:;

1. Insist that he put his things in place, especially his toys. Being assertive;

with your instructions will convey the importance of such tasks to him.;

2. If he does a task by himself, reward him for it.;

3. Do not nag your child. This will only make him resent disciplinary tasks.;

4. Set deadlines for your child. Learning about deadlines at an early age;

will make him punctual with deadlines in the future.;

5. Give your child examples of people who have succeeded due to;

discipline. Such examples will inspire him to make a bigger effort.;

6. Discourage your child when he tries to take shortcuts. Opting for the;

easy method at an early age will make him undisciplined.;

7. Your child will attempt to resist tasks or challenge your instructions. If;

he does this, be patient, assertive and inform him that he will have to face;

the consequences if he does not obey you. Do not threaten or punish him,;

but make him do a bigger task if he does not do the first task.;

8. Teach your child discipline at the right age. Do not start too early or too;

late. The ideal age to start teaching a child discipline is between 4 and 6;

years of age.

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