Hi my second family #bbcfamily .

I have not been very much active on the app as compared to my pregnancy days where i use to pen down watever problems i had and in return got so helpful replies from my fellow family members.

In the last 5 months (dec to till) my life journey was like a roller coaster. I went through what I wish niether of my friend or enemy goes through.

it was dec.15 th me my husband and bhumit were travelling by our car my husband was driving and suddenly he said "malvika i am not able to see " I said (what anyone will say ) " are you joking please drive properly"

He suddenly put on the brakes and said i am not joking its serious

For a while i was shocked holding a 8 months old baby with no where to go all things running into my mind what should i do where should i go whom should i call.

Luckily , we were near a government hospital (reputed in chandigarh) went there to see a doctor. Putting me in a confused mode he referred my husband in emergency to PGI chandigarh (many of you must know this hospital) Again,same thoughts running on my mind what when where and how?

Alone holding bhumit with my husband went to pgi they did certain tests follwed by a CT scan BRAIN.

I was not prepared for what doctors said to me " call your elders where are they "

I was like please altleast tell me what had happened to my husband.

My legs were shiverring and i was numb after listening that my husband was suffering from "cortical vein thrombosis" (form of a brain haemorrage) in simple terms 2 nerves blockage and bleeding in 1 nerve in the brain and he has lost his 75% of his vision.

After his operation and 2 months of severe treatment he is still recovering

We were lucky that his problem was diagnosed on time and started with the treatment otherwise i dont know what would have happened .

Amongst all these ups and downs sitting and writing this post i am realising we have missed how bhumit is growing we missed his milestones. I dont know when he started crawling say ba ba bo bo started to stand holding things and walking. I tried to manage to be a good wife and a good mother but in becoming a good wife i missed being a good mother.

i am happy that my husband is recovering now but i regret being not available for my bhumit everytime.

i have to write and tell many things what all happened in between these 5 months but i will become a very very long post.

Just wanted to share my feeling what i underwent these last months.

Now, just waiting for my bhumit to turn 1 on this 7th.

Thankyou for taking out time to read this ..

love you all!!!

Nice to see this post dear...
Love u 2

Thanks for sharing dear

More power to u dear..god bless ur family..

Thankyou dears

Vidya Rathod help me in tag forward please

malvika gupta I got goosebumps by reading your post, I can understand what you have gone through and you have done great job by taking care your husband and bhumit. We glad you shared your feelings here. More power to you girl😍😍👍

Khushboo Chouhan please tag moms

Hello malvika, so good to see you!!!! More power to you dear!!! Dr. Farah Adam Madhavi Cholera Amardeep Mann Ritu Singhal Priya Sood Sathya Kalaiselven pattu AMRITA MALLIK Nilofer shaikh Saumya Pillai Muskan Jain Karishma Agrawal Sania Bhushan Shristhy thapa(sunam) Nimmi rathore jessy oberoi Rashmi Choudhury Kirti Wadera Smitha Prabhav Shruti Kakkar Mahima Krishna A vasu Dolly abhinav Singh Kruti Nirmal Vipra Naik Garima Singla sreekanna Manisha M Sonal Chaddha Susmita chetri Neha Sharma Manikyam Cherthedath Aishwarya Shukla Aishwarya Shukla Renuka pillai haritima upadhyay Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas ) Riddhima Tilokani Mili Choudhary Tarotforu Shambhavi Prachi priya dharshini Gopeka Sowbarnik narrayani raman pattu rampriya Suga Priya V Smitha Prabhav Sonal Chaddha Toshi Saxena Prachi Gaikwad Renuka pilla Prachi Goldi Dogra Smitha Prabhav Vrushali Bhabad jaseena Ghouse basha Prachi Gaikwad Abhilasha Jaiswal Nil S vasu Sweta ( Life of mom Divya (kavyaislife Kuljeet kaur Amreen Richa Thakkar jaseena Ghouse basha Sulbha Bathwal Neeta Shetty Nandani Nandini Khushboo Chouhan durga salvi Bhavna Anadkat Sonam patel Ritu Singhal Isha Pal Akshaya Naresh Prachi Sonal Chaddha Heena Thakwani Kuljeet kaur Isha Sharma(Ishprabha)

Thank God .....thrice of u r protected by God ......

malvika gupta are an amazing woman dear ....and I would say you have been a best wife and a wonderful missed watching your boy grow n his milestones simply because you had something major to attend to, but am sure on the back of your mind and in ur heart your baby was equally your priority....your a strong wife and stronger mom....loads of love to you and lil he grows up he'll love the person you are and admire your for the courageous face you put up in the most tough time of life ....😍♥️🥰🤗

I am happy to you.... Finally sab Kuch sahi ho gya.. and
God bless you and your family..

Hats off to u dear u hv shown immense courage

God bless u nd your family .

God bless u dear n ur family..

Malvika dnt think that u missed something abt ur baby..... It was a time phase which has gone and u faced with courage and determination.....
U r really brave enough.... Ur baby will proud of you..... We are toooo.....
A lots love n hugs for U

Malvika..please write all your feelings.We are here for you and don't feel alone.

Nice to see u here again malvika gupta u re really great wife n dont be regret u missed bhumit's all step dear u have took care of his father for his future step.. I wish u thrice always live happy n healthy life... Malvika we r family u can share everything with us.. Lv u dear

God bless you and your family

God bless you dear

Glad to know about u,Hats off to u for such courage n patience in difficult situation.Donot worry,by the grace of God all will be fine.Blessings to u n ur lil one,have a speedy recovery of ur husband...

So glad to know your husband got diagnosed correctly on time and treatment started right away.
Difficulties in life teach us to be strong..n that's what you are. Ur husband was a priority, and so u did the right thing. Now you can gradually get back to baby..don't worry there is loads of fun to come, watching ur baby grow.
All the best.

Warm comeback malvika gupta. Our prayers for his fast recovery. More surprise are waiting from your rockstar! No worries anymore🤗 Take care of yourself and family.

malvika gupta kudos!! You dont have to regret. Your husband is recovering, he is doing well just because you were there for him. You handled everything so strongly. Be positive as you can see everything was done at right time... So proud of you. You managed everything well. More power to you. Stay strong and stay happy always. God bless you guys.

All power to you and prayers for bhumit and ur husband. U r the pillar and the rope of the family. Just hang in their.... u ll make it through girl. A very brave one.

Malvika hugs to you, I can imagine what you would have gone through, recently one of my very close friend went through this and I know how it broke her. Glad you guys started treatment and he is recovering. Malvika I keep saying people and I told my friend as well, Women are the goddess of the house and their prayer is powerful. Don't give up and control praying. About Bhumit don't worry he has lot of years to grow with you both. 💞

U really a brave woman dear . Very glad to know that your husband is recovering . That was difficult time for you . But all will be best dear .we are with you always .

Much love coming your way dear . Can't imagine what you must have gone through. You are truly a strong woman and mom. Kudos.

More powee to uh dear...dnt wry ek bar apke hubby ache ho jae phir bby pr bi dhyan dena...god bless u

Oh god. I first read the end part to first know tht everything is ok ans then came bk and read completely. Happy tht ur husband is recovering. Don't worry. These milestone though imp but 10yrs-20yrs down the line won't matter. But being with yoir husband is what mattered at tht moment and will hold a special place forever. Bhumit still has a set of loving parents who will tkcr of him well. Sp what if a couple months were tough. Smile! You have just overcome a big hurdle. Don't burden yourself. Loads of prayers your way

malvika gupta : u r a brave women...hats off to ur strength...i can understand wat u hv gone through..will pray to baba ji for his speedy recovery. everythng gonna be alryt soon... Dnt worry abot ur son coz he has u😀 Stay blessed n Happy

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